The Sin Of Rebellion

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I could have chosen a more rebellious photo,  I like her look. It’s just that she has her fists clenched. So what is the sin of rebellion? And did you know it has a deeper meaning. that it is  in the same category as witchcraft? That it is a deadly sin?

For rebellion is as the sin of divination, and presumption is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, He has also rejected you from being king. 1 Samuel 15:23

Samuel is denouncing Saul as king, he had long been troubled by a spirit and David’s harp soothed him, but after Goliath, the king came to hate David and he was often pursued, even his wife helped him escape and he had seven throughout his life. David would be hiding out in caves and once even found Saul asleep and cut off part of his garment to show that he was able to get to him.

Saul was told that obedience was better than sacrifice and that is true even to us, Saul was ruling like he wanted to, not God’s way. His way would get him and his son killed eventually and he did visit the witch of Endor, who was more likely a warlock, there just was no word for that then.

Rebelling against God and His will is the same or comparable to witchcraft or divination. Divination is like fortune telling , tarot cards, seeing the future in a crystal ball. It is the spirit of python that is cast out of the girl in Acts. She was mocking God. So you see how the occult can be deceptive, demonic and deadly. Avoid it at all costs. Some witches here in Georgia have been meeting with believers and said it was hard to leave the group. It is better to do that than disobey God. Christian witches, just can’t be, it doesn’t work that way.

Prayers are not spells, the person on the receiving end has a choice, spells seek to control, why prayers must not be to make someone do thus and such but rather have a revelation of Christ’s love.

Now, the gift of prophecy is different. When a person filled with Spirit prophesies something over you, it is a word from God and you can hold onto it. And the Holy Spirit will show you things to come. It is not rocket science, but people are either afraid because of the enemy’s attempts to copy God or they are in perhaps, denial and rebellion against God’s will, even without knowing it because of wrong teaching, fear, the devil will blind you even as a believer to keep you from receiving.

This is not a new spirit or teaching, the spirit of divination, the occult has been in action since the time of Nimrod back in Genesis, it was he who corrupted the study of astronomy into astrology. The  stars and constellations were for signs and seasons, God’s calendar, not for idolatry and pagan practices, mythology and the like.

I love stories and there is good and bad in all of them, many fairy tales come from such myths and legends and even Hercules was a sort of mythological Christ. But philosophy and intelligence doesn’t cut it. It was Jesus who paid the price for us, all who would believe.

The word pharmakia mentioned in Revelation tells us that people are not repenting of drug use, which also falls into witchcraft, potions and the like, but pills used used as medicine, now a street drug, cocaine, crack, pot, LSD, whatever can be smoked, injected or inhaled, vaped, they are dangerous and deadly, and can cost not only your life but soul. Is an eternity away from a loving God worth it, being tormented forever?

It is easy to repent of rebellion, I have seen some people changed miraculously, it is not impossible, but I have tell you that most aren’t, never get off meth and what not, or don’t want to be. If you think I’m kidding you, I’m not, it is not worth it, ask forgiveness. Of course, this is not the only sin people are unwilling to part with, there are others.

There is no place like spending eternity with Jesus. No worse place than hell itself, forever, and no place for rebellion in the heart of  a believer, so don’t fall into enemy snares and lies. Don’t ever just presume or assume anything, trust the Holy Spirit, and be free of rebellion as you yield to Him.


ali karimi / unsplash

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