The Man Of Sin

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The Holy Spirit once spoke these words to me. ” You don’t know what evil is. ” And you know as always He is right. I read about it, write about it, have been hurt by it, and yet I am incapable of being evil, because He is so much a part of me.

Nero, Napoleon, Hitler, there have always been despots, but one that is coming will make them pale in comparison, if you think killing six million Jews and it was probably more was bad, what about the deception, the false peace and the control over the world that the coming leader will exercise, if lawlessness is here, and it is, murder, violence and hate, what will it be when the Antichrist takes power?

I admit it, I was a little taken back even to write this, what a blessing to hold onto that the church will be caught up or Raptured first. I know everyone doesn’t believe that, I would ask you to pray over it. Some think we will go through it or half. I can tell you the way people act now, if they were told they could not buy groceries without a mark, they would take it, and probably even some claiming to be believers. There is great deception and doctrines of devils abounding now, yes, there is grace but that doesn’t mean to keep on sinning. It is not a post that is meant to frighten but to enlighten that Jesus is far greater, and His love will win out. Why we definitely want to be on His side, that was pierced for us, and one day Israel will even see that.

People have speculated for years who this is man is. Even Presidents Obama and Trump were touted as he, and some still think it could be JFK, returning from the dead because of the head wound, that is not happening, whatever sins he committed , he was raised Catholic, I was two when he died but have studied history, I watched him bow his head and saw the look on his face at a prayer breakfast only hours before a bullet would rip through his head. It is not John F. Kennedy, he was a war hero and averted WW3 but he is not the Antichrist.

Unlike the other Presidents, he had the military background, but neither are from east of the pleasant land, sorry conspirators, it is not them. And Vladimir Putin, had the military background, KGB, but he is from the north of Israel. You can do this all day and even figure the number of the name and many peoples name will total 666. But we are not going to know because the church is gone, when he is revealed, and he will deceive many with a false peace treaty with Israel, taking his mark is total damnation, if you are reading this and don’t know Jesus, don’t be afraid, just believe. No tyrant that has ever reigned has ever controlled the world.

Some of you may know I write stories about WWII, Hitler probably came the closest, did you know a German U-boat was found off the coast of New Jersey? That there was an attack on a plant in California? That a  plan to steal nuclear weapons technology was broken up in New York? That he had scientists who had come up with stealth technology but never made the planes? Do you have any idea how the RAF so destroyed the Luftwaffe before the United Stated joined the war after Pearl Harbor?

I have lived in the time of the Gulf War and saw Psalm 91 prayed. Hussein, Bin Laden, Kim Jong Un and Il, whomever does not know the Lord, will fall and their regime, if not to Him when He comes to this merciless tyrant to come. And he is probably very much alive and waiting, I have to mention that the head wound refers more to a country or territory, and John Kennedy died, he will not return as a hundred plus Antichrist. The only men who have not died are Enoch and Elijah and they are the two witnesses who are killed in the streets of Jerusalem in the future.

People like to read Revelation, but do it without revelation, what I mean is that you have to understand the symbolism, it takes a knowledge of not only history, but ancient history. The Romans thought poor old John, the disciple Jesus loved as he referred to himself, was a crazy old coot, but believers knew what he was talking about. People who knew the things he saw in the Spirit were from Jesus, a revelation of Himself and the end of the church age, while you are blessed if you read it, I still tell people to read and live in the book of John, where the love of Jesus is, not that it won’t be complete and eternal when Revelation is over.

The Antichrist will be in power seven years. The first half may go smooth but the last half is chaos, war, plagues, disease. We have seen a foreshadowing of it. The wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, peoples hearts are failing from fear, the pandemic. The Nazi party came to power because people were afraid of having no work or food, no money, they were promised everything and were so defeated that it would take years to rebuild, women, young and old were left picking up the bricks and debris in the streets.

As  I said the man of sin, will have the 666 mark of some kind that is mandatory in order to buy or sell, people were afraid of the labels that are scanned, credit cards and the internet, all technology that was not in place but is now ready to be used for evil when he rises to power, again, I believe after the church is in heaven. He will put into place a false religion, and have a false leader or pope to back it up. This mark is eternal damnation for those who take it, so do not even if it means your life, that is better to lose than your soul, better yet, get your house in order, receive God’s love in Christ.

How is this mark given? I don’t know, a microchip, a phone app, a tattoo of some kind? It will be in the forehead or palm of the right hand. Instead of a credit card, you can just swipe your hand or perhaps a forehead scanner, like a retinal one. We have all seen this coming and I have seen people terrified of technology, I was to an extent, but while you can use it for good and to proclaim the love of Jesus, I do miss the human equation, it is nice to call and talk to a person, however, I have got a few ladies lately that give pat answers and tell me why they can’t give out information. I told one it was only common courtesy to say yes or no, that my mother was at her appointment, they had called me saying she was she wasn’t and she was, go figure. People are either so bound to their technology and wrapped up in the world that they have lost compassion and yes, common courtesy, and common sense.

The Antichrist is described as not having concern for women, that may not make him homosexual, though that is possible, it is common in a lot of countries where we hear about trafficking, or he could just have no regard for women. Hitler tried to portray himself as a celibate, almost messianic, married to Germany figure but he had a penchant for young women, even as young as sixteen.

The spirit of antichrist existed in Bible times and does now in Anti-Semitism, violence, lawlessness and chaos, which is in Hebrew the hamas, sound familiar? The devil is a deceiver, give him and inch nd he is ruler, and one day for a while he will, but the Lord will defeat him forever, in fact he already had on the cross, for believers there is nothing to fear, not the future or even fear itself. And not the man of sin.

I can tell you that there have been the signs and seasons, wars and rumors of wars Jesus spoke of, in these times in the future Egypt will be destroyed as will Iran’s nuclear reactor, while He says of His return for the church that one is taken the other left, that does not mean half the world is saved. And I must add that there is to be a third temple built in Jerusalem. The city of peace is not to be ruled by the man of sin.

Just that one is there and the other left, since He compares it to the Jewish wedding when the bridegroom comes at night but you don’t know when, He could come at night. I know the Left Behind series was popular, but God is the author of peace and not confusion, so I don’t see planes falling out of the sky and wrecks on the freeway. I think it will be like at His baptism, some heard the voice of God, some thought it was thunder and some nothing, that is the way it will be at the last trump.

In short, stop guessing about the man of sin, who will claim to be God, and serve the Son of God.

Now concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to Him, we ask you, brothers, not to be quickly shaken in mind or alarmed, either by a spirit or a spoken word, or a letter seeming to be from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God. 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4

The Pretorists say the Rapture or catching away has already occurred. The Rapture, and the word is not in the Bible, I know, harpazo, catching away, is and the Second Coming are two separate events, He only meets us in the air then, but will return to defeat the Antichrist.

For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only He who now restrains it will do so until He is out of the way. 2 Thessalonians 2:7

The one who restrains is the Holy Spirit, when He is removed, the church is removed, then and only then the man of sin be revealed, you are wasting time worrying about it it instead of enjoying Jesus.  There will be people saved in the Great Tribulation, different to the tribulation in general, daily life and struggles. I am sure the Spirit will be with Enoch and Elijah and the ones called, and the hundred  forty four thousand.

Jesus will destroy him with His very breath. Though for a brief period of time he is allowed to deceive with false miracles, please don’t let that deter you now from believing in them, the Spirit is still working in believers before His return and is still healing, delivering and setting free, there are those operating in spiritual gifts, do not be afraid to receive your healing, peace or miracle before He comes for a spotless church. Thank you Jesus, I really am glad I don’t know what evil really is. And that the man of sin will be defeated by the man of sorrows, Jesus.


Please share this post, it could be a timely reminder. Note: After publishing this I found a quote from President Kennedy that he was going to expose a plot that would enslave every American, he was shot a week later, I had heard he was put under a curse concerning the Cuban missile crisis, no conspiracy here, Oswald was sympathetic to Communism, the devil doesn’t want people to know what he is up to.

clard / pixabay   I darkened the photo purposely for effect. No reflection on the model is intended.

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