But Is It A Sin?

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I grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s and went to a small Baptist church. Everything was a sin. watching television was considered a sin by many. It depends on what you watch, doesn’t it? I love it, but I am careful what I do watch, it has to have a plot, no reality, not trials, I quit watching shows about missing people. Movies, I watch old ones, I don’t like language, that too is a sin, but it happens, just be aware of it and use your God given gift of language. It does pay to enrich your vocabulary, I suggest you watch the old version of Angels In The Outfield.

Wearing make up, pants and shorts were sins. I wear make up, and did then, I wore pants under dresses, but later just pants and sorts, it gets hot here. But I believe we are to be modest, you don’t have to show off, some of my pictures, I crop off or put the title over a little too much skin. Someone told me I used only pretty girls, would she prefer ugly? I actually thought some were just average, like we might look any day.

I knew people who would not dare make up, it was like being Jezebel, she was horrible but put on her make up to the bitter end. Don’t you think there were sinful women who did not wear it? When Job was restored, he had a daughter named Keren Huppach, it’s meaning is a for of eye make up. I don’t doubt the queens like Esther wore makeup. In Bible times they all wore robes, the belts were different, there were no pants in the family, and shorts, the fishermen were pretty much dressed that way.

Tattooes are something that were probably a sin to most of the crowd unless they had one, military or something. Personally, I don’t like them. I like to be able to change clothes and makeup, hair, I can’t imagine something that you can’t get off of you. In the Old Testament, slaves were tattooed, and had shaved heads, Jews had laws against cutting the flesh, yet many wore earrings and some nose rings, not a fan of those, either. Is it a sin? While I don’t care for them, I believe under grace the answer is no, He looks at hearts.

Smoking was the big one, but many church members did. I never did, I can’t stand it. Sin? I would say yes because it is not good for you, and certainly not pot, medicinal, there may be exceptions but I say it is wrong as well as drug use, anything that produces a false high.

Drinking? I have blogger friends, some from England, going to a pub would have been considered wrong for them, but they do drink socially, or a glass of wine, not to excess. Sin? Drinking is generally not a good a idea because most people can’t handle it, and if you know you can’t and do it, James says knowing it and not doing it a sin. He prefers we be filled with the Spirit. Drinking, unless you can do it only on occasion and most can’t, is a sin. I tried non alcoholic wine once, I didn’t like it.

I know people who will sin one way and not another, that restaurant is out because they serve drinks, even a pizza parlor. I tried explaining it, saying that you go to the grocery store and they sell it. People were always worried about appearances, what if someone saw you? I get that. Don’t put yourself in difficult situations but don’t be foolish, some people won’t even drink sodas.

I once heard that minister was praying for someone to be saved in the hospital, a nurse in the room burst into tears an said she could never be saved, she had cut her hair. She was prayed for and was born again and what a relief, a lie she had been told was washed away. Again, don’t be foolish, study for yourself. Let the Spirit teach you.

Gambling, I don’t care for it because the cast lots for Jesus’ robe. I have played cards but I don’t really care for it. I know people who do and enjoy it, some who can walk away with winnings others who are losers, excessive or addicted gambling, if it took your rent money or something would definitely be a sin. I was once told about a gambler who lost something like ten thousand dollars, I heard it wasn’t his anyway when he lost it. My reply, ” It was while he had it. ” I saw the light bulb go on.

A magic show, harmless enough, you know it is a trick. Seeing fortune tellers, practicing the occult, those sorts of cards, definitely a sin, witchcraft akin to rebellion. You cannot it mix it with a belief in Christ, it just won’t work. You are also not to pray controlling prayer over people, they have a free will, and God forces no one to receive the love of Jesus.

You can make a sin out of pretty much anything, most will go with the Ten Commandments, but the Jews had so many laws and customs, observances, they could not keep them. Only Jesus could and His new commandment was to love God and one another. In Christ, we are under grace and not condemnation.

Living together, friends with benefits, definitely sin, adultery. God made marriage holy for a reason and for a man and woman. Will I be cruel to you if you don’t agree? I can’t be. I don’t think people are born a certain way, people are oppressed and believe a lot of untruths. What you feel can be deceiving and causes a lot of pain. As a believer, I don’t think you would choose that lifestyle, but I understand that people have difficulties overcoming their past. Jesus loves you and the Spirit is always there to help you when you believe in His love and salvation.

Believe me there can be cruel and mean Christians, no matter how well meaning. They are not always skilled in the Word or tactful, considerate or loving. God is love but pure love, and to get there we have a way to go. Myself, included. He can heal and forgive sin at the same time. He can deliver you and you will be free. He won’t remember your sins if you are washed in the blood of the Lamb, He could but He won’t, so pray about sins, the Holy Spirit will help you, you can confide in Him.

So, is it a sin? Before you do it, think about that and ask the Lord and you may not talk about someone, take that first drink or a few pain pills, sin has consequences, one night stands often produce unwanted pregnancies and abortion may be an option but so many women suffer having made that decision. Many people don’t think things through, whereas I would over think it, but I have a heart for helping others and it has been hurt, but you know, as much as it hurt me, it  was worse for them. For some much worse. Just let Jesus love you. And you will know if it is a sin.


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