Heaven Help Us

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Have you ever found yourself using that expression? I can’t really say I have but that’s because I have always been aware of His angels at work. From the time I was seventeen and a little old lady named Nannie gave me Billy Graham’s book about angels, I have found them to be an interest of mine but more so, as I closed in on deepening my faith when I was about thirty.

It was not until later that realized how much they had already been at work in my life, even when I didn’t know it. And that is the way it is, God is at work in His mysterious ways and on our behalf, even if we don’t always know how. One thing I did know and have the wisdom to do was to thank Him for what He had done and would do. I was  having faith, and believing what I didn’t always see long before I knew much about it.

Heaven helps us when we are not even aware of it. We entertain angels unaware. Nannie wasn’t a real angel, but angels probably influenced her decision to give me a book. I taught Sunday School to old folks as a teen not knowing a lot, I told them about Jesus. I can still see their smiling faces and hear their aging voices crack as they sung hymns. I used to feel like I failed them, because I did learn so much more about the Word. But I did the best I could.

I have taught children too. I can still see their smiling faces and clapping little hands and dancing little feet. I can see the pictures they colored of Jesus, hear the verses they memorized. Yes, I have avoided disasters, been saved from many dangers and I know ministered to by angels, but there are those times that we can look back on and be amazed at the angelic assistance and divine intervention and then there are the others.

When you wake up to the morning sun shining warm kisses from God on you, the smell of coffee or breakfast, the afternoon rain on a hot summer day, and smell afterward, Jesus, like the fragrance after the rain. The stars that blanket the night that you could never count. God knows their names and ours, He engraved it in the palms and wrists of His beloved Son to save us.

So many times we aren’t sure our faith is working but God know our hearts, and you can be sure if you love Him, heaven will help us.


Tiệm_Ảnh_Kagoshima / Pixabay

3 thoughts on “Heaven Help Us”

  1. I am always so aware that angels are all around me. God is SO good and His Heavenly Angel Army are always fighting on our behalf! 💓


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