Angel On My Shoulder

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There is  movie by that title, one of the old ones I like. Paul Muni plays a gangster who goes to hell, in line with a woman who is complaining about a smell, he quips, ” This ain’t Florida. ” He was an excellent and I believe, underrated actor. The movie goes on and he makes a deal with the devil so he will never bother his girlfriend, and when he gets her life straightened out he returns, this is fantasy, although hell is a real place, you don’t come back as guardian angel to save someone else.

If you recall, when the rich man died and Lazarus, the beggar, he was with Abraham in paradise, Jesus had not yet come to lead them to heaven, or captivity captive but the rich man was in hell, asked for water and denied it, and to let him tell his brothers not come there, another request denied.  So, while the movie is entertaining, it doesn’t happen that way, that is why a lot of movies with heaven or hell included are considered fantasy, but both are real. And so are angels, on the flips side demons but they are way outnumbered.

What about the angel on our shoulder then? If we all are assigned a guardian angel then we can guess that the enemy who tries so hard to copy God will want an imp on the other one. You may have seen the cartoons that have and angel one side of the character and the devil on the other. we have all enjoyed those, haven’t we, the cat with nine lives that goes up a stairway to heaven or dreams he is in hell but a coal has fallen from the fireplace in reality. Still enjoyable.

You have to consider that these were made when there was a belief in heaven and hell, different times and morals, people have changed, but Jesus doesn’t and He is there for us to call on Him in need of salvation so we don’t go the wrong way.

There is that distinction of good and bad, angels travel within the Holy Spirit, and are always near if not on the shoulder of the believer. And no doubt, the enemy is trying to draw us away from either believing in Christ to be saved or pestering about something, anything from trying to instill fear and doubt, even unbelief, to questioning God, lying about us, whatever will make us as James says, double minded. Often, the enemy is at the other side, lying, tempting, mocking God.

I do believe children have guardian angels, I read a story once about a little girl who was asking her baby sister about heaven, she told her she was beginning to forget. Children are a gift from the Lord, coming from heaven, perhaps they do forget, lose interest in God, don’t remember angels or believe any longer. everyone will have to make the decision to accept Christ or not. God never intended for people to go to hell, it was created for the devil and his angels. But it is their choice. They may lose the belief in guardian angels.

So, I want to pray for you, in His name, to keep an angel on your shoulder, not just a cute, cherubic one, but a real and commanding guardian of protection. One that can keep the demonic influences away, we really need them over our families these day as the enemy attempts to corrupt the morals of believers and take the souls of those who are not. We have a choice, choose life not death, blessings not curses.

It should be a no brainer but the lure of sin and temptation is of overwhelming to people, they need to know how to resist the devil, so he will flee in terror, and you do that by yielding to God, that is who he is afraid of in reality, the one who loves us enough to send Jesus to defeat him on the cross.

Some people might still consider angels or demons fantasy. And the word demon is not actually in the Bible. it says devils, and while the are real, they are outnumbered at least two to one if not more, only a third fell, and God may still be creating angels, it is possible. His armies, choirs and hosts are innumerable, there was no number that high, yet like stars, He counts them and knows their names and ours, and there is one for us, and angel on my shoulder.


Alex Klen / Pixabay

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