Teshuvah 2021 – Rest And Repentance

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As we are in the Hebrew months of Elul and Tishrei in Hebrew and the forty days of Teshuvah, the days leading up to the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah, beginning September 6th and Yom Kippor, the 15th, I was just reminded about fasting and I decided to make a list of how Christians can celebrate this season of repentance. Fasting or not, though it traditional to fast nd wear white on Yom Kippor or the Day of Atonement, while believers are not required to celebrate feasts, I believe we can to some degree and that Jesus still enters the Holy of Holies on our behalf, though He is always interceding.

While there are forty days, they began in August, or Av, about the 6th, the Jews are on a lunar calendar as compared to our Gregorian one. The last ten are highlighted as days of awe from one holiday to the next in September, celebrated from sundown to sundown, While fasting is a good idea, you should pray first and have the right mindset, it takes some decision making. I suggest partial fasting, one meal a day or desserts, coffee or social media down time. Don’t do it as a weight loss program. And check with a doctor if you are on medication. Just  love Jesus and each other. No pressure.

  1. Partial fasting, if you are late, you can still participate. I am not doing the whole forty days this time.
  2. Read about those who fasted, Esther, Daniel and Jesus, but I don’t recommend trying His.
  3. Rest and more rest. And rest some more.
  4. Pick a topic and study it each day, forgiveness, healing, faith.
  5. Write a verse about love each day and share it.
  6. Do some journaling or art.
  7. Pick a fault and then see it like Jesus does. example: I am too _______. Jesus – you are complete in me.
  8. Go to dinner, but pay for someone else’s too.
  9. Like to shop? Pass on it.
  10. Turn the phone off, at least an hour.
  11. Give up some of those movies one weekend.
  12. Go for a walk with neighbors or friends.
  13. Make a list of those you have forgiven, tear it up. Sins, toss it into the lake or sea.
  14. Make a date night and have Bible Study.
  15. Pass on the lattes.
  16. Buy some flowers for the dinner table.
  17. Soak in a hot bath.
  18. Listen to music, Christian or classical.
  19. Learn a Hebrew word each day. Emet – truth.
  20. Go out and try to count the stars.
  21. Have some fun with sidewalk chalk if you have children.
  22. Blow some bubbles, and let them fall on you like the Holy Spirit.
  23. Dance and sing in the rain, enjoy the clouds.
  24. Just be still, even ten minutes.
  25. Put together a puzzle in the floor or online.
  26. Clean out a closet. Then declutter your thoughts.
  27. Write down arguments you have with yourself and how to cast them down.
  28. Write a few notes on real stationery.
  29. Make cookies for the neighbors.
  30. Have a picnic or cookout.
  31. Study a different name of God in Hebrew each day or yom. El Elyon, God Most High.
  32. Look at family photographs.
  33. Send someone some flowers.
  34. Go away for the weekend.
  35. Fellowship with women of faith.
  36. Write how His grace was extended to you.
  37. Think about what you have overcome.
  38. Pray about a current problem, thank Him for answers.
  39. Be someone’s angel on earth.
  40. Give Him praise, He alone is worthy.

You can make you own list. Teshuvah is a time for soul searching and change, repenting of any thing you find that hinders your walk with the Lord or hearing His Spirit. You don’t have to fast the whole time, do seven days, twenty one, He honors you when you do your best. I do apologize for being late, I thought it started the 16th, and as to # 13, that is called Tashlich, celebrated on Rosh Hashanah, Jews cast their bread upon the water as in the sea of forgetfulness.

While believers see Communion as His blood for sin and His body, the bread, for healing, I would probably just write something down if I did this, too bad I am a couple of hours from the beach.


Jerzy Gorecki / Pixabay

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