Guardian Angels

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How often do we think about angels or especially guardian angels? Even someone like me who has had a lifelong interest in them can take for granted their presence, but why? They are always in the realm of the Holy Spirit and we as believers are to be walking in the Spirit? Are we taking Him for granted too? Well, we will just have to take a deep breath and step back , and put our thoughts back on the heavenly and how the Spirit and angels interact with us daily.

Once, I was looking for a card, I hung around the aisle a little longer. Had I been in a hurry, I could a been in a major crash on the road outside. Sometimes, those thoughts like, ” Take your time, slow down, no rush. ” are really whispers of the Spirit or angels protecting us from what is going on nearby.

We have had a lot of tornadoes here in Georgia and neighboring states, and a lot of the stories of near misses are nothing short of angelic intervention. A woman lost her keys, and had to ride out the storm, but had she gone back inside her trailer to look for them, it was demolished. A baby was found tucked inside a dresser drawer once. I have a had my share of those experiences with weather, if you have ever had to pray for hail not to break the windshield until you get home, you can understand that.

Guardian angels are assigned to believers, I believe that everyone has an angel, believer or not, God uses them to draw you to Christ. They do not always intervene, they cannot help people who are unbelieving and not asking God’s help. They don’t act on their on but do as they are commanded.

We teach children to cross the street, looking both ways, watching the traffic guard or light, to hold a grow ups hand, but then you don’t have to reinforce that with statements like, ” You’ll get run over of watch where your going to drivers, you can’t just leave doors open in your house like the old days, someone could come, likewise spiritual ones.

We have to use wisdom and caution, not fear or daring. It is wise to pray for protection, do what you can in the natural and let God take care of the supernatural. And that includes guardian angels, He’s ready to let them work for you. Are you ready to have Him to them put to work in your life.?4nrkta67u9f8qjvn7w5g

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