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I just had to include a post about awesome angels. Any one of us would find the sight of an angel, awe inspiring and awesome. So let’s look at a few of the people in the Bible who had awesome encounters with angels.

While Adam and Eve were no doubt familiar with angels in the Garden of Eden, they were absolutely awed by a cherub with a flaming sword, as they were driven out. It was a blessing in disguise, had they returned to eat from the Tree of Life, they would have lived forever in that fallen state, but God had a plan of redemption in place with Jesus.

Abraham and Sarah are two people who encountered the three angels visiting them, the one in the center is Jesus should you ever see the movie Abraham, He appears as the Angel of the Lord, He tells Sarah she will have a son and she laughs, denies it, and He says, ” Ah, but you did laugh. ”

Hagar will also run away with Ishmael and soon be out of water in the desert. She too, meets Jesus as the Angel of the Lord, and He directs her to a stream, she gives Him the name, El Roi, the God who sees and is sent back and told to submit to Sarah, since she had overstepped her bounds.

One of my favorite stories is that of Manoah’s wife, Hazeleponi, she is not named in the Bible but she is called that in traditional telling of the story. She encountered Jesus as the Angel of the Lord, He promised her a son and she was given instructions on how he would be raised but Manoah had to hear and they went back out in the field to find the man. And they did, but He was God and Manoah was sure they would die but they didn’t. I would say that was awesome.

If you are wondering why Jesus was sent as the Angel of the Lord, I can explain. There weren’t exactly Bibles everywhere, right? He sent angels to teach people, but some ended up fallen, He sent Jesus for these super important assignments knowing He would not fail.

He mentions that Michael puts the fallen devil out of the third heaven, that is why he was able to come from the atmosphere or second heaven to earth. We also read about Gabriel and he was also awe inspiring, he gave the annunciation to Mary about the birth of Jesus.

He also visited Zacharias, who was in the temple and failed to believe his prophecy, so he was made mute until John the Baptist was born, and then he could talk and say his name was to be John, Jesus’ cousin was six moths older and would precede Him in ministry, and he baptized people but no, he wasn’t a Baptist, and Jesus would baptize with the Spirit and fire.

The difference between the stories is a priest, learned and in charge at the temple and a girl, a virgin, likely, in her teens, and their answers, Zacharias has doubts but is not hearing Gabriel and agreeing. Since John was to preach the coming of the Lord, he was made mute.

Mary, was believing and though she she questioned saying she knew no man, Gabriel explained, and she agreed God’s will be done, and the Spirit came upon her and I believe had a seed in His hand already and placed it gently in the womb. If you have any doubts of a Virgin birth, or any misgivings, hesitate to believe it, don’t ever limit an unlimited God. His words are pure and true. And He is holy, why He is the only one who can make us holy through Jesus, He took unrighteousness and gives us righteousness.

Joseph, her husband, also saw one in a dream who told him to flee with Mary and Jesus and when to return. Angel means messenger and the message was specific and could very well have been Gabriel again.

I always caution people as to being led by the Holy Spirit, and to seek wisdom and discernment concerning angels, don’t believe just anything or anyone, it should line with God’s Word, you can’t mix religions or occult practices, it will be harmful and God is not like that and not the author of confusion.

Peter is let out of prison by an angel. And John, the disciple whom Jesus loved as he calls himself, because he really understood Jesus, had some extraordinary experiences in the Spirit and wrote Revelation, seeing what Jesus showed him even in exile.

He describes angels as the leaders of the seven churches, the ones, who sound trumpets, pour out judgements, so there you have it a list of awesome angels, and you can read for yourself, I always encourage anyone to study.


St. Gabriel at  St Andrew’s Great Glemham, Suffolk, England.

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