Freedom In Stillness

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I read a post from a fellow blogger, it said to stand in freedom knowing the battle is the Lord’s. While we often hear to stand with our armor on and even she suggests that we are to stand and not give in, not to sit down. I have to say that I have found His rest most helpful, in fact, I still get things done and He is doing work on my behalf as I rest.

It is hard stand all the time, while we are not being lazy but aware of our spiritual battles, we can rest and be still in these verses.

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still. Exodus 14:14 

Other translations will say be silent, keep calm or even hold your peace. Moses said this to the people, and that was true, the Red Sea closed over their pursuers. I have had the Lord deal with me about His peace as gift. John 14:27. Sometimes, in order to hold onto that gift we have to hold or peace or be still, even as we stand in faith..

I have always though that the armor I was wearing had chinks or cracks, but then i decided the armor we are wearing is like King Saul’s, it is the Holy Spirit, the armor of the Hing of Kings, and while we put it on, it can be too heavy in a sense, why we stand as best we can and He fights for as we are still, the battle belongs to the Lord.

And then we have the beloved Psalm 46:10 and we see that being still lets know God. He desires a person and intimate relationship with us. If you look up the Hebrew for still, it does have to do with healing, there are many words, loosen, draw, even weaken and that He will not leave you. The basic translation will be to cease.

Cease your worrying, cease tour fears, cease the arguments, the doubt, unbelief, anything that hinders you from receiving His promise or healing. Silence and be gold and a breakthrough as we rest and believe, even while standing.

We do have to cease from our striving, learn to rest in Him, the Israelites would not in Isaiah 26. Jesus offers us rest and Hebrews 4 takes it further. Jesus sought the quiet places, if He had to why wouldn’t we as followers?

You may have seen people overtaking in the Spirit, with just a breath or the slightest touch, they are out as they are prayed for. The Spirit prays for us and discerns, Romans 8:26, He knows what we need when we don’t and offers us freedom in stillness, even if we are standing for something, that is how to stand.


 zhuwei06191973 / pixabay

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