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Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received! Matthew 10:8

That’s a powerful statement to the disciples isn’t it? And I realize Jesus said people would know His disciples, but we are not like the disciples who were with Him, we are sons and daughters of the Most High God as believers.

The disciples operated in gifts and yet, could not cast out devils,  Jesus said that some needed to come out by prayer and fasting and personally, I think some actually just take Him, and He moves our mountains for us as we pray. He is the rock we speak to and not strike as Moses did in disobedience.

I try to not question or be disrespectful, while I may not actually be a Bible scholar, I do know it, but I am smart enough to realize that I don’t know everything and He does. I have seen miracles, a baby who should be wearing a bag, going home in diapers, lots of healing babies, and some born that could have not survived the full term. 

I have seen bones healed instantly, and in two weeks instead of six. And some cases are still a work in progress, like backs and spines, head injuries, and the recovery from depression and oppression. Wherever you are on your journey to heaven you can pray for the sick, and do it even if you are not healed yet, even if I were never to be and I have been of so many things, I want to be loving and graceful enough not to get into the ” Why me? ” mode and just pray for His goodness and mercy to overtake people.

Have I seen people raised from the dead? Yes, and no. I have seen so many people come so close, that technically, they were. I have been close myself and recovered through prayer, even being born, leprosy is treatable now as are many things and yet it is still He who heals, with medication, surgery and miraculously.

In prayer, we are giving freely. We can also do that with our time or talents, and anointings. The workman is still worthy or his labor though, naturally, doctors are going to get paid, but people are not always happy that ministers do, but people contributed to Jesus ministry. No one has or ever will buy a miracle or their way to heaven, and salvation is a gift, you will never earn it, it has to be received.

And the same is true of healing, many people are still not receptive, out of not realizing it is a promise to believers, thinking it has been done away with, or that they are not worthy. Only being a believer in Him does that, He makes us worthy. read Isaiah 53 and healing verses, sow them into your heart. renew your mind, even Jesus had to rest and refresh.

As for demons, they exist, and a lot of times they are just smaller ones, with rulers or powers over them, like cities, states or country. Anger can be a demon when it our of control, bitterness, strife, some diseases, they are also connected to drug use and other sin, rebellion and witchcraft, false doctrines.

A lot of things truly are demons with a name. But Jesus gives us power over them and they will not hurt us, but not everybody operates in those gifts and you have to rely on the Spirit, that can get you hurt if they do not recognize you as having it. 

I believe we will see miracles in the days before His return, and that it is important to pray for God’s will to be done, and not doubt that it is something good, He told the leper He was willing, he doesn’t change. He is, however, merciful, sometimes people have just passed a point of even having the will or strength to recover, and He gives every sinner a chance to repent.

I have learned to pray from victory and rest. ” Thank you Lord, for healing me on the cross. For loving me and deliver me from evil. ” Don’t pray negative or vengeful prayers for Him to make someone do something, just thank Him for His sacrifice, ask Him to show His love to them, and if they refuse, at least you have prayed.

It is not always that prayers are not answered but sometimes, they are prayed amiss, they are not received, they are on their way, are for a better time. God is not saying no, He’s waiting for us to be in agreement with Him. And He is love pure and simple, full of mercy and grace, but are we? And willing to accept that we may not understand why some are healed and others are not, the same is true of salvation.

Believe me, you can be healed head to toe in the name of Jesus, receive it.

Receive your peace, receive your healing, receive your deliverance and miracle. He is freely giving, will you freely receive? And freely give to others as freely as you were given.

Karen Nadine / Pixabay altered


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