Freedom In The Most High

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He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1 World English Bible

I grew up memorizing this from the King James, but as I became more mature and grew in grace, I read other translations. I also heard how that it was wrong, things were added or taken out, or that it was written for people you were unable to understand it. I like to compare them, there may be differences, but I have found nothing to substantiate that they are wrong.

While Psalm 91 in the KJV and ESV, do not specifically use the word freedom, it is in the psalm nonetheless, as we live, abide or even dwell in the shadow of the Most High. I chose this version for the word ” resting ” in His shadow. And we know that is the shadow from the Ark of the Covenant, the cherubs on the Mercy Seat.

The shadow was cast on the tent as it was moved after the temple was destroyed. Worship went on day and night. And no doubt with campfires burning, and the moon and stars shining, the outstretched wings of the cherubim cast a long shadow over the camp. Just as Jesus reached out for us on the cross and now resides in the heart of believers as on the Mercy Seat.

What I would like for us to do is read several translations, and I will go over some of it and show you freedom in this Psalm, I also wrote about resting in it, and I had not notice that translation, rest is no just physical rest but spiritual, you know you are safe in Him, so fear and worry do not make strongholds in our hearts and minds.

We know we live in a fallen world and things happen but in Him, we find freedom.

Whoever goes to the LORD for safety,

whoever remains under the protection of the Almighty.

We are free from —

all hidden dangers

and from all deadly diseases.

any dangers at night

or sudden attacks during the day

the plagues that strike in the dark

or the evils that kill in daylight.

No disaster will strike you,

no violence will come near your home.

Angels keep you from hurting your feet on the stones.

You will trample down lions and snakes,

fierce lions and poisonous snakes.

And then of course, as we love Him and call on Him He saves us, not just the first time but from whatever we need saving from, and He wants us to have a long and full life and save us completely, taking us into eternal life.

While many things we may know about, dangers, etc., what about the ones we don’t know about, we may see storm warnings , and sometimes even receive spiritual warnings but are we always receptive.

I am glad angels are as this translation say keeps our feet from hurting, why they should be shod with gospel of peace, I know I have had some serious falls, but obviously, they could have been worse, angels are always on high alert.

And the snakes, scorpions, lions, all the evil things the enemy sends are in the spiritual and prayer, angels, communion with Him, the name of Jesus, He is protecting us, but first we have to know Him and receive Him as Lord, and then decide to live in the secret place, the shadow of the Most High, and there is freedom there.

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