Why God Allows Free Will

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Accept my freewill offerings of praise, O LORD, and teach me your rules. Psalm 110:108

When God created us, we were made in as the Bible says, ” in our image “, like Him, the Trinity, we are a living soul, a spirit, with a body, and the soul also has three parts, mind, will and emotions. So like Jesus who was the embodiment of God, we too have to choose.

Jesus faced everything and more that we do as a person but He used His will to obey the Father completely, He wept, He knew fear, was mocked, tormented and crucified, but He was tempted to give up, was angry but did not sin, and when He was agonizing in the Garden of Gethsemane, He yielded to God’s will, in order for us to be saved.

It must have been terrible for Him, to be a human being after knowing only the peace of heaven, and how much more the decision God made to give His only Son, and have to look away from Him on the cross as He took everything for us as believers, so that we might have access to the Father. I know, I am a deep thinker, but deep calls me and I promise you His wounds were deep.

In Leviticus, people were told to make freewill offerings. It was their choice or not. Choosing to become a believer and live a called out life in Him is our choice or not. Many are called but few are chosen aren’t they, a lot of people only think they know Him, but do they? He was not just a teacher or prophet, a good man who died or a historical figure. He was not Elijah returned, nor was His kingdom an earthly one, though it will be soon.

The path remains straight and narrow is the gate that leads to heaven, and Jesus said of Himself that He was the only way to the Father, or even to heaven. Only He made the highest of all sacrifices, and He was sinless, spotless, the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, for me and you if you believe on Him. Jesus was a vow offering, a peace offering.

The word in Hebrew, is nedabah, a feminine connotation, voluntary and absolute. The people offered spices, oil, and perfect sacrifices, but to fulfill a vow only perfect was acceptable, and a peace offering. But there were not so perfect sacrifices also made as free will offerings, so Jesus takes you in and makes you acceptable, cleanses you, purifies you. You are not doing it, He is and by His blood and sacrifice. I wrote about sacrifices last October, 2020. I had a hard time going through it, and realizing what Jesus did, it was hard to picture the little lambs and so many sacrifices in the old days. But He was the once and for all one.

Did you know He was probably born near where the sacrificial lambs were? Or that they too were swaddled and no doubt put into a stable. The Bible is really deep, friends, and so is His love. When the Antichrists appears the Jews will have a false peace treaty in place and he will break it, he will call for the sacrifices and oblations to cease, if they have ever even started as they will have a third temple in place, I don’t know how with the disputes over the dome of the rock, but I do believe the church will be in heaven.

It is important that we as believers realize the times we live in and discern, people always ask why a loving God allows things to happen. He keeps His word, and each person has a choice, to believe or not, heaven or hell, life or death, blessings or curses, you have the right to choose. God does not want our love out of being forced to love Him, He wants our love and affection, our respect, reverence and obedience out of our hearts as a choice, a free will offering.

God gives us protection as believers from evil, we do live in a fallen world and yes, things happen, why we should be listening to the voice of the Spirit, following His voice and not a strangers, not led into temptation or danger. The greater one still lives in us. 1 John 4:4, and I hope I have helped you understand, while God does not control us per se, we are submissive and He is still in control.

Let’s give Him a sacrifice of praise today, free and willing, He is absolutely good.


4 thoughts on “Why God Allows Free Will”

  1. What an insightful post! It makes so much sense that because God values a genuine relationship with us so much He must allow us to have free will.Thank you, Rebecca.


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