It Is For Freedom

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For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

We have celebrated the 4th, here in America, a lot of us still have picnic food and perhaps are on a vacation or staycation as the case may be, I am taking a rest and I hope you will, our flag was meant to embody freedom, but how much more does our relationship with Christ embody it, as we have been set free.

What a great verse, Christ wants us free, from what whatever we need freeing from. Sickness, disease, lack, He is the healer, Isaiah 53, the Shepherd, we should not want, He delivers from evil as in the Lord’s Prayer. Believers have been targets way too long and He wants us to have freedom. He even set the demon possessed free, but guest what? They had to believe and cry out to Him, not everyone was healed, He could not do miracles where there was unbelief.

In many places in the world, the love of Jesus is not taught, accepted or believed. What is Jesus to you? He is everything to me. I have found myself in need of healing, He was there for me on so many occasions. How do you see Him? That is how He will be to you.

We celebrated Memorial Day recently, and the 4th of July, we remember the sacrifices of the servicemen and women, and yet, Jesus’ sacrifice was so much greater, and encompassed the world. While many made sacrifices, and parents do for their children, people sacrifice their time and energy for lots of reasons. the loving Savior died to set us free.

We are no longer in bondage, like Israelites were on several occasions. Slavery is never a good thing, not being made to make bricks without straw or any kind. The Jews had laws about how to treat them, the prodigal’s father appears to have been good to his and Joseph prospered even under Potiphar. But Christ came to free us, to break the chains of bondage, whether to drugs or alcohol, whatever you need freedom from.

The anointing of His Spirit can break you free and yoke you to Jesus instead. His yoke as He said is easy and light, so don’t let yourself be yoked to something else when it was for freedom that Christ has set us free.

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