Live In Freedom

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Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God. 1 Peter 2:16

A lot of people are having trouble with grace, either receiving it because they think they are unworthy or some who will trample grace, the very Spirit of grace, who willfully oppose the Holy Spirit, resist Him or even grieve Him, when truly we are saved by grace, it is a gift of God. Ephesians 2:8

Many people will try to do good works to get to heaven, and He did have good works planned for us , but He directs us in them. We can’t earn salvation, it is a gift. If you work for something and buy it, you earned it. Grace is a gift you cannot purchase. Jesus paid that debt on the cross and He redeemed us.

Lots of people think that grace is preached as cheap, a free ticket to heaven and a license to live any way they want to, the verse clearly says freedom is not a cover up for evil. I can promise you grace wasn’t cheap. It cost God His only beloved Son. It cost Jesus coming from heaven, living as human from birth to to death, the most horrible death ever to even going to hell, but the Spirit did not leave him there, He was raised from the dead. And now He is our High Priest, watching over us and He knows our hearts.

We want to be full of grace, and never use it as a cover. I know there must be thousands of church goes who like the music, perhaps, even the message, and yet go home to the same old ways. Those who abuse grace, the name of Christ, are not living in freedom at all. Living as a willing sinner, not someone who will sin and have an advocate, but who has no conviction and no fruit, will make believers question their sincerity.

In a day when deception abounds, and the love of man waxes cold, we must use wisdom and better judgement, allow the Spirit to discern for us, what is and isn’t grace, it is not for us to judge except righteously, for we will be judged also. It is for us to walk worthy as we are robed in His righteousness of God. And we are only righteous because of Jesus.

We are to live in freedom, serving the Lord and accepting His grace and mercy. And we must learn to rest in the finished work of Christ.  And pursue His peace, so we can truly learn what freedom really and be free indeed.


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