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Do you ever have that feeling that you just know something? Well, that is often a prompt of the Holy Spirit, believers are supposed to be sensitive and tender hearted, though we pray for and in effect minister to sinners, we do prefer each other.

Sometimes, you just know something is wrong, and call someone. Sometimes a name will pop into your head. Even if it someone you don’t know, pray for them. I did that one and thought the name sounded familiar, but I did not know the lady, then one day, I saw it in the credits of a television show.

I have heard of people praying for others and later hearing about how the lives of missionaries were saved, even down to the very hour of the prayer, about children being saved from danger. Once, a mother was praying and found out later that her daughter was out near a canyon with dangerous ledges.

You cannot under estimate the power of prayer, the Spirit is always at work, always speaking to the hearts of believers, and even reaching toward the lost. His realm is limitless and the possibilities are endless. Just be open to Him speaking to you, the still, small voice of God, drawing you close. That is primarily the way He works, but He will be more intense if it called for. Someone heard a loud command to move on a plane, just before a piece of the fuselage ripped off, that is the kind of God we serve. Loving and protective.

And I know I was asked once why a baby was not saved from a fall out a window. I’m sure angels just took that little spirit, my answer was that maybe no one was praying for him, and that may be true. But think we all have someone praying for us, and while many people pray amiss, the Spirit prays for us and His prayers are perfect. Romans 8:26

We live in a fallen world and while the enemy is not greater by any means, God works by His Word, and peace and protection, healing are some of the things we may not even be expecting as believers, we are often disappointed or even distracted, nevertheless, we should be certain of how much we are loved.

It is something the church should know and operate in as the beloved bride. His love is deep, and something we should know.

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