Something Beautiful Our Inheritance

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The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance. Psalm 16:6

I thought instead of a Father’s Day post about verses we already might be familiar with, that we might take a look at one we might not know as well. I have already posted something beautiful from words to a song but I found this an interesting Psalm, and a beautiful inheritance.

We are joint heirs with Jesus, and what belongs to Him, belongs to us. He told us to ask in his name. Now, Jesus was already an heir but chose to die so we could be as well. For you to inherit, someone has to die, and He did to give us access to the Father, a beautiful inheritance.

We all know the story of the prodigal son and how he demanded his inheritance. In effect, he was wishing him dead. I do believe as the youngest according to Jewish law, he would have received a third, and the older brother two thirds, I would probably have tp recheck that fact but did he have other siblings? We don’t know. The father gave him the money, he wasted it and returned hungry, and wanting to be slave, but his father restored him instead, he could have had him stoned. A beautiful inheritance.

That is a beautiful picture of God the Father, He could punish, but would rather restore. He convicts by the Spirit, but doesn’t condemn. He had to look away from Jesus on the cross, so would could even be saved. How hard that must have been for Him to do, what He would not allow Avraham to do, He did. Our Heavenly Father made the ultimate sacrifice for us to have a beautiful inheritance.

There are other stories of inheritance in the Word, you mighty want to look them up. The persistent woman parable, she annoys a judge who neither believes in God or care about people, but she gets what she asks. We can remind God, not that He needs it, and we don’t have be irreverent. The daughters of Zelopead are another, women usually did not inherit. A beautiful inheritance.

Jesus came to die for us to have an inheritance, eternal life, healing, protection from angels, His peace, His rest , His joy and His love. Many of us are still immature, squandering like the prodigal, not even realizing how good we have it, we demand it and we can do it on our own. No we, can’t, apart from Him we can do nothing. And some are still asking, not knowing the provider, Jehovah Jireh, some are unaware and some are waiting for Him to make it beautiful in His time..

Whatever you have inherited from God through the death of His Son, Jesus, I hope you realize what a price He paid. What a loving Father, I could draw you so many parallels from the prodigal’s story. Most of us might actually be the brother, the father love him also, but he was angry, with good reason, whether he was jealous or envious, or just did not realize, his inheritance was there all along, he could have been enjoying it without the riotous living. I have to say I have felt like the sister, if he had had one.

But I now know my Father better and I have a beautiful inheritance. Have a blessed Father’s Day, enjoy them know, and tell them how much you love them and that Jesus does.


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