Something To Eat

My Post (19) 

As we continue our Something June, it came to mind the something to eat Jesus spoke of when He raised Jairus daughter. He told her mother to give her something to eat. That is a beautiful story in itself and combined with the woman with the issue of blood has deep spiritual meaning.

Also we have Jesus teaching us to consider the lilies, the birds of the air. Lilies don’t work and birds don’t sow, but their Heavenly Father feeds them. Of course, He is not saying not to work but He lifted the curse off it in Gethsemane, so it does not have to be the tedious and mundane, the work Adam fell into, he had a perfect garden.

I never fail to be at the store or fast food restaurant and not see a sparrow making off with a french fry, a cracker or piece of bread. I didn’t know birds sung in the night but I have heard them at three and four in the morning, and when the sun comes up and the dew is there so is the breakfast.

Jesus actually tells us to take no thought of what we will eat or drink or wear. Not that we won’t ever look at new clothes or plan meals but that we are not to worry, knowing  that He cares for us, and wants to be the Jehovah Jireh, pronounced Ya -ho-vah Yi -reh, our provider. He has an Eden for each of us if we can aspire to it and not let worries steal into our hearts.

How do we take a thought, by worrying about it and repeating over and again. God has made a way and even a way where there is none. You may recall that Jesus even appeared to Elijah as the Angel of the Lord, he was tired of running and He sustained him and fed him, as once the ravens had, personally, I believe they brought him bread.

You might also be familiar with Jesus saying He had meat to eat that they did not know about, of course, He was speaking spiritually of the Word, like the sincere milk as it is called and the deeper aspects, given Him through the Spirit, the ” meat “. He too, was sustained as a man as we have to be. He could do that after fasts and being tempted in the wilderness, I know I could never last forty days and we don’t have to, He honors partial fasts, giving up desserts or coffee. Evil wanted Him to fail but He never did, and refused to prove Himself, by turning stones to bread. Sometimes, we think we have to prove ourselves worthy of His love or even being a believer, but people who feel they have something to prove seldom do.

Have you ever been through  something traumatic and then had something to eat that was just the best meal, I remember spending the day at the hospital with a broken ankle on my 35th birthday, that was the best dinner, and others, just times you can get away from all noise, funny, a restaurant is quieter than home at times.

So let’s do better and try not to worry. Think about the sparrows, and a girl of twelve who touched and held the Master’s hand, He told her to rise, and her mother, to give her something to eat.


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