Let It Roll Off Your Back

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This is another saying that may be familiar, I was not very good at it. I was often hurt or offended and now I know what it really means. People are just mean, sometimes ignorant that something is bothering you, thoughtless and even well meaning but perhaps, not tactful. I am sorry this is true of believers, I hope it has not been true of me.

I know now that I am in Psalm 91, under His wing covered by His feathers, and that’s why I can be careful not to offend and not be offended because of Jesus, we already know the world hated Him and we are not greater, we will get the hits in many ways from people and the enemy of our souls.

And blessed is the one who is not offended by me. Matthew 11:6

Some translations say because of me, people walked away from Jesus then and now, about doctrine and what they think is right in their own minds as opposed to what He says, even about Communion back then, and division exists between denominations now, even families, children no longer respect faith as they should and some parents don’t and have never bother to give them the good news of Jesus.

What a wonderful God to have built in a system for the birds, down, contour feathers, and just feathers, repel the rain or water.  I love watching them bathe, hop around the yard for dinner, build nests, hatch babies and fly away.

I never fails to see a sparrow in a parking lot with a fry or something dropped or tossed to them, I would always crumble extra crackers for them. They hang around the grocery stores, as well as parks and bird feeders, and the Heavenly Father feeds them.

While you may see birds avoiding flying in the rain, it is more to do with aerodynamics and atmospheric pressure that gives them lift. Oil from preen glands, makes them for the most part, waterproof, especially in light rain. Though some may not agree on that.

While we can fly in the rain of the Spirit, it is like we are not exactly water proof or even bullet proof to cruel people or words. But we can be and choose to not be offended in Jesus, words will certainly break a heart, and I would always say you could not band aid a bullet wound. Not even an arrow or fiery dart, but the Spirit is like the water or oil, that covers us in Psalm 91, His feathers, they are the cherubim on the mercy seat.

We are safe there, He is  our shield, His feathers protect us, we are not snared by the fowler. we are warm, dry, secure in Him. And He heals the broken hearted as they draw closer to Him. Psalm 147:3, the Spirit is the water that soaks the shield and puts out the fire, but sparks the flames of His eternal love.

So, whether ducklings waddling along or graceful swans, all sorts of birds, robin to sparrow, He has you covered, in the natural and His children in the supernatural. No one falls apart from His will, He never intended His creation to fall, and one day it will be Eden once more for believers. Did you know that the Hebrew word for gentle is adina, like a small bird is, and it is derived from the word meaning Eden, yes, Eden is a peaceful place, the one in heaven was not destroyed and I believe and a new one is inevitable when He comes.

Jesus was not even offended when they asked Him if He didn’t care in the boat during a storm, He did question their short lived faith. Whatever people say to you or about you and your relationship to Christ, just let it roll of your back, you are under His wing. I know it is difficult when you have been hurt by someone you love or have tried to  and been rejected, Jesus understands more than anyone, and look what happened to His back.




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