Casting Crowns And Pearls

Don’t cast your pearls before swine.

Did you know that when you get to heaven, there were be elders casting crowns at the Lord’s feet? And upon getting there you will receive a crown of life, actually, I think it comes with being born again, why we are told not to let anyone take our crown.

There are many other crowns for different achievements. And those crowns could be gold or silver, diamonds or pearls. And southern girls love their pearls, I know I do. Not that I own a lot of jewelry.

While we are talking about sayings this month, our title comes from this verse.

Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you. Matthew 7:6, just after the moat and beam story. Many people try to correct others and are not walking in love themselves or are not in obedience to the Lord.

He gives a plain example and I am guilty of this, I have tried to explain Scripture to some who may be only calling themselves Christians, they are not fooling me any longer. You just can’t be a willing sinner and born again, you know Christians by their fruit, period.

The Syro-Phoenican woman chased after Jesus for her daughter to be healed and delivered. She called Him, Rabbi, but was not a Jewess, He called her a dog, a sinner, but in love, more like a puppy following, and that is when she worshipped and answered. She was not offended, and dropped her pretense, knelt asking Him, ” Do not even dogs get crumbs from the Master’s table? ” He delivered the daughter. The demon left.

Too many Christians accept the crumbs, when they deserve what is holy. Bread from the Master’s table. He feeds both Jew and Gentile. With all the crowns of life, believers are settling, out of His rest and His peace, many times they are eating the wrong bread, or leavened. And they have manna, the bread of life in Jesus. They have the privilege of Communion, and are afraid to take it, even daily, worried about sin, when all they have to do is keep a repentant heart, it is not the same as being a willing sinner, trampling the Spirit of Grace, not at all, and do some partake unworthily.

He is generous with sinners and unbelievers, patient, drawing them to Him, merciful, but He is not going to accept everyone, not all who say Lord, Lord, will enter, so be sure of your salvation, hold onto your crown, you don’t have to share everything precious with swine.

There are just evil people who will never accept Christ. Who would your rather have pray for you? A true believer or someone still clinging to drugs or witchcraft? Do not be deceived by everyone who calls themselves a Christian, and yes, there are some people that have truly changed and that is different but there is a lot of pretense going on, deception, why we need the Holy Spirit to rightly divide for us, lawlessness and fear, the spirit of antichrist has been at work a long time.

Even the swine were driven off the cliff when Jesus put the demons out of the madman, so I can’t figure out why people would not want to be rid of their misery. I am not advocating suicide, just Jesus and His love, He came to seek and save the lost, and I won’t waste Him or be so apt to share the beauty of His love with some, sure, they can read what I believe, but people who do not believe in traditional marriage, that you can be a Christian and do what you want, they are mistaken, puppies with crumbs, that could be daughters of the King.

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