Is Being A Christian A Breeze?

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Is being a Christian a breeze? It should be, with the gentle and peaceful presence of His Spirit, and the peace and rest that is His gift to us, but we have to receive them. In reality, being a Christian is not always a breeze, we are not greater than Jesus and He was hated, there will be people like that who have no other reason to dislike you or worse. But you can choose to still be a good example or avoid them if necessary.

I have found myself doing that a lot more lately, I like being in that safe, secret place of the Most High God, resting and enjoy His peace. I know people might think that was wrong, but if I keep giving out all my peace and patience, wasting words on people who are not listening, then I am drained, and not doing anyone any good, or myself.

God really doesn’t need me to get people saved, healed or delivered. I am just amazed that He would let me do what I have done, and still there are better days as His return approaches. So we can relax, walk with Him in a holy imagination by the sea of Galilee, following His footsteps, arm in arm, or even as He carries us through so many sorrows and pains, He will even help us walk on water with Him if we keep our focus there, our eyes fixed on Him, as He is our beloved High Priest, the author and finisher of our faith, perfecter as one translation says.

He will reach for us if we fall like Peter did when He step out on faith, he started to look and the wind, and not the gentle breeze, a stormy, perhaps, even demonic wind, as when Jesus rebuked the storm. The devil wanted to sift him and Jesus even warned him, he did not always listen and neither do we, but we must, if we ever expect to overcome, to be restored by the Lord and have being a Christian be more of a breeze.

There is too much arguing among believers and doctrinal differences and who is greater has no place, like in the disciples day. We are supposed to be above the waves, the seas and storms. Sometimes, He calms them and sometimes it is us He reaches for.

Swirling seas of pain and sorrow, sickness, heartache can all become still waters. So when life appears to spiraling out of control, we know who is in control, especially, the more control we give Him, because we are not greater, but He is, He is the greater one in the believer. 1 John 4:4 He can silence the accuser, still the cyclones and tsunamis,

Life does not have to be a whirlwind for a believer, I have been through those days and now I leave life in His hands, and He hold my very heart that I gave Him so long ago. Is being a Christian a breeze? The answer is no, because there are still unbelieving people coming against you, divisive family ties, and consequences of choices we made, even spiritual attack, and still the gentle breeze blows of me and I am confident He is my peace and I am complete in Him, walking by the still waters, as I call on His name, His power stops the worst of the worst for me, and life is a lot more of a breeze.



4 thoughts on “Is Being A Christian A Breeze?”

  1. So encouraging and true! We know that it’s not going to be easy, and sometimes we need to adjust our expectations to understand that there will be trials and storms. And that’s when we learn to trust the Lord to be with us.


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