When God Breathes

When I decided to write about breath for April, I thought about Him breathing life into Adam, Jesus breathing on the disciples but what I did want to explain was the Holy of Holies, and how the priested entered.

Of course now, Jesus is our High Priest and we can enter in before God, and can even go boldly to the throne, He even expects us to as sons and daughters, but we can do so only because of His great sacrifice, the once and for all who would believe sacrifice.

God, in His glory, would come and sit on the mercy seat between the cherubim, how the High Priest would come before the throne. He too, had to be sinless, a lot of ritual, the mikvah bath, laver, the garment, there was even a cord tied to his foot in case he fell dead with sin. No one could stand in that glory.

But we can now, in Jesus, and only because of Him. He is our High Priest before God and makes intercession for us. God was sitting on the mercy seat that held the broken Ten Commandments, Aaron’s rod that budded, and manna.

These were symbols of the old covenant, but Jesus gave us a new commandment to love God and one another, He fulfilled the law and prophets, we are not under the law, what Paul called the ministry of death, but under grace, the ministry of the Spirit.

Now if the ministry of death, which was engraved in letters on stone, came with such glory that the Israelites could not gaze at the face of Moses because of its fleeting glory,  will not the ministry of the Spirit be even more glorious? For if the ministry of condemnation was glorious, how much more glorious is the ministry of righteousness! 2 Corinthians 3:7-9

And no, Paul was not an Anti Semite, he persecuted Christians remember and held coats at Stephen’s stoning, no doubt the Spirit was working then as he witnessed the martyr beholding the Lord Jesus, the same one who would call him on the road to Damascus and change him, it was not really a new revelation, Jesus had promised the Spirit and said He did not come to destroy the law but to fulfill it and He did, that is what Paul taught.

He also relays his experience in Hebrews 12:25 and warns us to be in obedience to Christ, and not the Old Covenant rather, the New and better one in Jesus. ” Do you think you can possibly escape, if you refuse to obey the one who speaks to you from heaven? ”

But back to the Holy of Holies, the priest would know when God was there, you could hear Him breathe, as God an inhaled and exhaled, it was audible and the curtain or veil would sway a little. Can you even comprehend so solemn and sacred a ceremony? We should all still have respect and reverence before Him, but so often there is blame, shame or anger, fear of Him. The fear of God is wisdom but it means respect, though it would be only right to fear Him were you to not believe and be saved.

I like to explain God’s Word with simplicity and in both the literal and spiritual sense. When we pray now, with His Spirit in us we are going boldly to the throne of grace, and with Jesus in our heart and His Spirit in us, we are going to the Holy of Holies, the mercy seat, He is there in the breath of His Spirit.

I am not telling you to look to yourself, or wanting you to think you are a goddess, but if He is in you, He is as close as a whisper and prayer, He is a breath away. Don’t ever think that as a daughter of the King, a child of the living God, that you are not precious. A prayer in faith, not the if is your will kind of prayer, is a pleasant and fragrant aroma before Him, like the altar of incense.

Please don’t think you can’t pray your way out a paper bag or that your prayers go no higher than the ceiling, that is not true, if you are born again, Spirit filled and if you have the gift of tongues He prays for you, speaking mysteries the devil and demons have no understanding of. He prays intercession for us anyway, as High Priest and Intercessor, the Spirit. Romans 8:26….

When God breathes…..I hope you hear Him.  Go before Him in grace and reverence, prostrate and kneeling, if possible, there is joy and peace in His presence, healing and deliverance and Jesus is sitting on the mercy seat of our hearts, when God breathes.


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