The Very Breath Of Heaven

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I have had a lot of experiences in Christ, I have had to face some trials, but the beautiful presence of the Lord is always, always, and dare I risk a third always there. It is true whether we realize it as a believer or not. So often we take the very breath of heaven for granted when it is right there.

How many days have we walked by and failed to smell the roses, even the grass freshly mowed, the morning coffee, breakfast muffins baking, the perfume we wear, the scents of spring and summer and even the winter’s hot chocolate, peppermint and holiday offerings? These are all gifts in life, and we are not always inhaling the delicious and cool air that gives us His love and a very breath of heaven.

We are also to wear the love of Jesus and to be clothed in it, we are to be the aroma of Christ, and our prayers a sweet fragrance to Him, like the incense on the altar, our bodies now His temple. There is so much imagery in the word and while we may familiarize our selves with it, have a working knowledge of it, we have yet to fully grasp the spiritual realm of the Holy Spirit, and He and  the holy angels are everywhere.

The Holy Spirit is the very Spirit of Jesus, the Son of God, Himself, who speaks gently to our hearts and minds through the Word of God and in music, psalms, songs and laughter and through other believers and their love and prayers. But we must receive the gift of the very breath of heaven and apply it to our lives.

We receive the Spirit at salvation and there are subsequent gifts and even a baptism, as we grow in grace and believe. And then you will see that He meant the prayer that His will be done on earth as in heaven. There is a literal temple in heaven, altar, holy of holies, and there was on earth, it was destroyed twice and will be rebuilt once more just before or during the time of the Anti Christ, I tend to believe during. The Antichrist will stop the ceremonies and Jesus will stop Him, and rule, Himself.

But the spiritual realm has us being His temple and He is already on the mercy seat of our hearts, so the next time you smell a rose, think of Him as the rose of Sharon, if you smell the morning mist, He is in that, He is in the petrichor, the fragrance after the rains, in the flowers, the honeysuckle vines, I used to smell in Atlanta, His fragrance and aroma, His love has always permeated us and we often fail to notice,

It is spring, and already the afternoons are hot here, the thick hot air can be stifling, but we, as believers are privy to the Spirit and the aroma of Christ, the fragrance of His love. And not just once in a while or or a cool fall or spring day but everyday, when we know Him as Lord, we can enjoy the very breath of heaven.


Domenika Roseclay / Unsplash

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