April’s Breath Of Spring

Now, that we have rested, we can breathe again. April is a fresh start. This year Good Friday and Easter or Resurrection, begin the weekend. What a powerful God to raise Jesus from the dead and I believe it is a great time to be renewed, restored and even resurrected for us as well. And I had an -mail with a prophetic word that was timely, that God wanted to give us an astounding April, go ahead and thank Him and that enemy is defeated.

Though it is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends, and many will celebrated with dinner, even a Passover type one, just as the Jews were brought from captivity, I pray we are, from whatever the need may be. Resurrected and refreshing, the breath of spring, the very Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead will also quicken us and breathe on us.

While breathing or breath, is the month’s topic, we will discuss a lot of subjects, including the Spirit, tongues, gifts, and yes, the wind. We will talk about how Jesus breathed on the disciples, and God breathed life into Adam and the Scriptures, so take a deep breath and just breathe as we keep resting in Him.

The word, ruach, is ro-ok, is the same in Hebrew for Spirit, wind and breathe. And also to clarify Good Friday, and the crucifixion, that Jesus spent three days and nights in the tomb, Friday to Sunday doesn’t cut it does it? It is far more likely the Passover was being celebrated, and that He would have been crucified on Thursday by our calendar, there are five less days than on the Jewish one, and days and nights were, counted in twelve hours, so that explains that is was three days and nights and is not a contradiction.

And no, the disciples did not steal the body, the Holy Spirit returned Him back to the tomb, after He retrieved Adam’s authority, the keys of death, hell and the grave, and led captivity captive, He brought the souls of paradise with Him, including the thief He forgave on the cross.

Now, instead of paradise, they would ascend to heaven, as we will someday. There are doctrinal differences about this but I do not subscribe to soul sleep or time in Purgatory, the rich man and the beggar Lazarus story explains, that the soul goes straight to its destination, I am not here to argue details, only to teach the Word as simply as possible so that some may believe and others are encouraged. The Spirit is powerful and gentle, the breath of spring, the fresh air we all need.

I have a post on prayer breathing, and so many more, so I hope you will join me in learning and refreshing what we already know that God gives us life and breath and we can experience a breath of heaven.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Psalm 150:6

6 thoughts on “April’s Breath Of Spring”

  1. Thank you Rebecca! I like to think of Easter and Spring as a time of refreshment and breathing deep of the Lord, too. So grateful for the renewal God offers us through His Son! A timely reminder for all!


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