Well Rested

I have been resting this month, have you? And not just extra sleep, I have had to enter His rest, it has brought a lot of healing from lingering pain, spiritual warfare and just overdoing it in general. Overthinking and overwork, stress from so many things, it takes a toll, but Jesus knew how to rest, He offered it just like God did and we never want to refuse that gift that goes along with His peace.

Part of that rest is learning to cast your cares on Him. He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7 And while you can go back and read all the verses on His rest, I have been finding ways that tie into His rest, and I want to give you one, why I chose the title Well Rested. We are all familiar with the woman at the well story. She may or may not have been a woman of ill repute, it could be that she had been passed around as was the custom when a husband died and a relative takes you in.

Jesus went out of His way for this woman, as He does for us all. The Jews avoided Samaritans, why it is good that a Samaritan would help someone in the parable. She would go to the well at a time when other women were not there, to draw water for cooking, cleaning, laundry or bathing, perhaps, many trips. We can all relate to her on some level.

Jesus asked her for water, then offered her living water and she received His words and found forgiveness and rest. He told her she was unmarried and had had five husbands, she was amazed at His perception and that He had the power to save and forgive, He was truthful, and her spirit was convicted and she believed and went to tell others,

He sat with her on Jacob’s well, which you may or may not know was filled with rocks by enemies, and had to be dug over and again, and it flowed with water once more. The enemy of the soul and just life, lots of enemies, like fear, illness, depression, all sorts of darkness can fill the well of the soul until there is no rest.  Especially true of unbelievers, it can also happen to Christians.

Like this woman and others, He will sit us on the well that flows and bubbles up living water, the Holy Spirit in us, He will give  us rest. And when we spend time with Him, any time of day, He will tell us more about ourselves than we could ever know, He will convict of sin but never condemn. We do that to ourselves and each other, and the enemy will, but there is no condemnation to those in Christ. Romans 8:1 is a promise.

Now, that doesn’t mean that He won’t correct and admonish us or put us back on track or that He is always pleased with our behavior, we may be masterpieces and He sees the finished work but some are a work in progress, Ephesians 2:10 and sadly some never receive.

I pray my blog is a blessing and that you are enjoying learning to rest, and will be well rested. Can you think of some of the other women He gave rest to? The woman with the issue of blood was healed and told to go in peace, I am sure she found rest, the widow of Nain, Jairus wife, Mary and Martha, her busy sister, all had loved ones raised from the dead, that surely gave them rest. The troubled and demon possessed Mary Magdalene, was freed of seven devils and Mary of Bethany who anointed, Him, the sister who chose to sit at His feet and rest. There are just so many, we can be knowledgeable of the Word, well read and also well rested in Jesus.

lubovisitsa / pixabay

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