March Into His Rest

Upon finishing last month’s # Write 28 Days which uses prompts, a couple of my posts and another prophetic word on rest brought me back to rest in March, actually, a little before, I write ahead as the Lord leads. The word came as I wrote a post about recuperating, and then the e-mail leading to a prophetic word that declared that the Lord wanted us to rest even more. We, as women of faith, need a lot more rest than we get if the Lord is having this come up a prophetic word, and is laying on the hearts of women everywhere.

I thought I was, I have been for a long time and focused on His peace. He is speaking and shouting it literally to the body of Christ and still calling believers to His rest, they are weary, heavy laden, worn out saints. And the Anti Christ not even appeared, but that spirit has been in operation and wearing out saints anyway.  We are still wrestling the delusion that rest means lazy, but when God is in it, you still get things done. We are letting others influence that decision to rest, allowing friends and family, and even perhaps, ministries to dissuade you from hearing the voice of the Spirit calling you to rest.

So this month we will delve as deeply as possible into His rest, and if you are a believer, I want you to take advantage of what is taught, not by me, but by the Lord, look it up study and rest. And if you have a friend or family member who needs to rest, is a care giver or suffers some malady or mentality, even anxiety, or stress, that keeps he or she from their rest, tell them. Share His Word, His grace and His healing.

I once had a lady who told me she suffered with fibromyalgia, I told her about my blog, she said she was up at all hours of the night. I have been there, and I like to write at night but that is different. Did she read it? I don’t know, but I hope there are those who will listen, when the Spirit puts a word like that so strongly into your heart and mind, and you hear it two or three times from different people, you can ask Him to confirm it, that it is in your best interest, that is all God has for you, is good thoughts and plans. And one woman just could not separate rest in the natural from the supernatural.

Not the night terrors, we need not fear them, the pain, although I have discovered that some pain is a result of Him healing you, sometimes deeply and to the bone or the core, even the mind, your very being and your soul. He is there to comfort, deliver and heal. He will give you rest.

So instead of marching into another battle, which is truly in the mind, we want to be still, let Him fight the battle, Exodus 14:14, and to ” Be still and know He is God. ” Psalm 46:10, one day everyone will know, but believers are blessed to know it now, to see what the prophets longed to, the love and power of Christ.

Perhaps, like me, you have learned to rest, I have had to let go a laundry basket sitting there, and get out from under the mop and bucket mentality. I still clean, but I rest more. I get dinner on the table a take care of what I can, and let the Lord take care of the rest.

” I let the Lord take care of the rest. ” I can tell you honestly, I so wanted my healing and it came, but I still had a lot of pain. He had to ” make ” me lie down in the green pastures. The Bible says that the woman whose back caused her to be bent had been bound by the spirit of infirmity, sent by the devil. I had someone call that off me and what did I do? I kept on going, I was taught a lot about going on, doing what you could not do, and if rest was mentioned, from Matthew 11:28 or Hebrews 4, either is was not explained well enough, or I did not receive, it appeared to me that this was more the teaching to go on, and while you do have to submit your will to Christ as a believer, He is not a viscous taskmaster, but firm and loving.

I had to laugh at the use of the word goad in the prophetic word. I looked it up, because I rarely hear that word, that is one way I know what is the Lord, He uses language that we may not. I thought it meant to draw you in to something, like an argument, the word actually refers to a prod, even an electrical one. But to me, it spoke volumes of the Good Shepherd and His rod and staff that comforts me.

He is not whacking you over the head. I felt like I was doing that at times to people who should know better as believers, it is better to let God take care of it, the Holy Spirit can be a baptism of fire, a wind, cool and calm, cleansing, or fiery hot burning away the oppression and protecting from us the wicked one, He is power, but He is love. Learning how much He really loves us can be a shock, but even a little charge of His power is desirable, and so is a surge of His love. So let Him give you rest.

I literally, sobbed when a lady pastor told me that I was not ashamed of the gospel. I can’t be ashamed of what the Lord has done for me even though I felt that trying to attack my soul. I am not ashamed that He gave me rest when I was run ragged, beyond exhaustion, now I am not ashamed if I have days I sleep twelve hours.

If I had not learned and valued His rest, I would not be here writing or giving you insight on the blessing of rest. Sometimes, I use a foundational verse, but there are so many. And though believers are resting, He wants them to rest more, so let’s take this one and I will give some follow up ones.

Here is our verse, Return to your rest, my soul, for the LORD has been good to you. Psalm 116:7. You can read verses 6,7, and 8 for the full impact. It refers to the simple hearted, and that spoke volumes to, love and healing, even faith should be simple, why are we allowing it to be so complex? Being simple hearted is not being simple minded, so take Him at His Word and rest.

Jordan Singh / Pixabay

2 thoughts on “March Into His Rest”

  1. What a profound insight on the blessing of rest. I will remember this as I try to rest in Jesus even when things are busy and chaotic. It is not always easy to stay calm, but I know that God gives us the ability to live out the 23 Psalm if we ask HIm to help us.


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