The Secret Place / Hibernate

I do like to write and be ahead on my posts, I have to admit this word threw me. Me, who is never at a loss for words. My mother gets credit for this suggestion, and while I was going to look up hibernating, and go into how many creatures sleep the winter away, living off their stored fat, hmmm,hmmm, and with a slower heart rate, I went another way.

Think of that, curled up in a den, safe and secure from the winter storms, the snow and ice. Waking up to spring and sunshine, God did prepare ways for creation, the birds of the air, He feeds them, they know in the morning just where to find food, if people are not feeding them. I am going to slow down, writing about rest, I have been napping already. Some who were snowed in recently took advantage to hibernate, I sure hope we can and wake, perhaps, even resurrect in the spring.

We are all familiar with Psalm 91, and dwelling in the secret place of the Most High, it is talking about the presence of God and the mercy seat, under the shadow of His wings, the cherubim cast a shadow on the tent, when the Ark was there. Bur that secret place is real to a believer with Christ at home is His heart.

Do you recall the ridiculous question Nicodemus posed to Jesus about reentering his mother’s womb to be born again? That is what the secret place can be, a womb. God’s mercy is like that and the actual Hebrew word for womb is comparable to it. Fatherly strength and motherly love. Nicodemus just didn’t get the spiritual aspect even a learned man. Lots of people may be intelligent, educated but religious and miss a lot of spiritual insights, not us.

The secret of the Most High, like a womb, a safe place to be nurtured and to grow, safe in your mother’s womb nine months, safe in God, forever. And we don’t have to wait for storms or winter, we are safe in any season. In the secret place, we can meditate, hibernate, in His word and His love. It is a peaceful place of rest.

In place of an umbilical cord, we have the three fold cord, of the Father, Son and Spirit. Instead of the heartbeat of our mothers, we hear the heart of the Father, who has good plans for us and longs to give us the desires of His heart, as ours delights in Him. The Spirit searches the deep things.

While Nicodemus story and hibernating are an unusual study. It is very relative to the way we approach God, while we truly cannot be born again and it is a silly question on the surface, it is a great analogy to His mercy. We can climb right into our Father’s lap of mercy and be loved, secure, in any crisis. We can be born again in the Spirit, and go back anytime to a womb of mercy.

A prayer closet, can be a place to intercede and let the Spirit intercede, but the secret place, is an even deeper place of rest for the soul, we can be soul weary, and He will give us rest, my topic for March. While you may see people do all that regression therapy and hypnotism, the trance referred to in the Word, in Peter’s instance, is a vision but is a deep rest in the Holy Spirit, while in prayer. You don’t want to go the other way into false and occults practices. But meditating in the Holy Spirit, operating in spiritual gifts and being led by Him, learning to discern His voice, will certainly put you into a place of rest and safety in Him.

We are all at His mercy, and He is extremely merciful toward us all. How blessed to even be allowed into His presence through Christ. Much less, be sheltered and protected thete, allowed to hibernate.

He dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

xiangying_xu /pixabay

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