When We Ask For Bread / Persistent

Don’t you just love my title and the photograph? And our word is persistent. My post is from Matthew 7, ask, seek and knock. we are to ask, and receive. Seek and find, knock and it shall be opened. I personally got tired of hearing people say to storm or pound on the gates of heaven, prayer is not a takeover.

Jesus said that we could have whatever we ask the Father in His name and for His glory, and I know prayers aren’t always answered immediately, people were healed immediately, from the hour and as they went. Many never returned thank Him, did thy remain healed? Perhaps, not.

Jesus did not say no, although I hear people say that God says no. He might say, wait or I have something better, but He will not refuse a prayer asked in faith, as we remain in Him. Sometimes, the person being prayed for does not receive the answer or even miracle. I can tell you that I know of someone who was prayed for, she was told thst the minister saw in the Spirit an angel bringing her a new set of lungs. Even after revivals and being a believer, she passed away. Why? I can’t honestly say, she was a believer, though I don’t know for how long. I don’t think she held on to that promise, didn’t have enough teaching or the right discernment, or just got weary.

Another woman, went down to see what someone would prophesy over her, and she has had that career for years, she just received and went on with the work that was promised. Is a career easier to believe for, or money, than health. No way, at least not to me. We often forget that though Jesus answers, the adversary would steal, hinder or lie about His answers to your mind or heart.

My main verse is this, ” or which of you, if your son ( or daughter ) asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him!

So we ask the Lord for bread, He doesn’t give us a rock to eat. He did give us Jesus, the bread of life and the rock of our salvation. In the story of loaves and fishes, He certainly didn’t multiply snakes and rocks, and yet, there are still those who believe they are being punished, what a meanie God is, when He is just and loving, He still takes the blame for the enemy’s doings when He is actually keeping him from doing even worse. It is we who are perishing with a lack of vision, and knowledge of the Word, rightly dividing, the devil is not in control of us a believer.

I asked for healing, oh, it was coming. The more I learned it was like the worse I got. I would be praying and thanking Him for healing me and have bouts of bronchitis that lasted weeks, migraines, you name it. I think sometimes now, the devil was throwing everything at me but the proverbial kitchen sink, no, actually that was stopped up or the toilet. I can laugh at some of it, it was just to rob me of my health and faith, and the fruition of His plans.

He didn’t give me a rock or a snake. He gave me love and healing is in His hands and so I am. I hope you know you are. And sometimes we may be asking amiss it says in James or not at all. Were you afraid to ask your earthly father for fear he would say no? So many women did not have a loving father as an example and even those who do or did, they don’t compare to God, so ask, and don’t waver, even if your boat is rocking, and you step and fall like Peter, He is there to keep you safe.

The woman with the issue of blood is such a wonderful story, she was so determined to get to Him, certain He would heal her. She asked for healing and got health. Jairus came to ask for his daughter’s health, the servant thought it was too late but He her brought her back to life. Sometimes, He has to bring us back  to life in a way when we get so overwhelmed. We have to rest in Him, and yes, I do know of several people back from, if not actual death, near death.

So what is being persistent in prayer? It is not attacking the gates of heaven, though I know the verse about taking it by force, it is more seizing or embracing it to me. We don’t have to keep asking. But we can keep being thankful until it comes, we can remind God of how good He has been to us, that will go a long way to growing our faith and growing up in grace.

Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere. Ephesians 6:18

That verse refers to speaking in tongues which is a powerful gift available to all believers, you should study before asking, 1 Corinthians, 12,13,and in 14. But even if you do not operate in spiritual gifts, you can still pray His word over your life and others. Anytime and anywhere.

When we ask for bread, He gives us bread and when we ask for Jesus, He gives us Jesus, in the person of the Holy Spirit.

Here is a link to my poem. When We Ask For Bread

When We Ask For Bread


4 thoughts on “When We Ask For Bread / Persistent”

  1. I think the power of persistence in prayer is that communication with God allows God to change us–the changes might be incremental, but we might realize that what we started out praying for isn’t the best thing for us, and God reveals to us a better thing to ask for.


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