Perception A Lesson In Love

The Holy Spirit taught me a lesson a few years back and it changed the way I look at things and the way I realize that people perceive me. I am not ‘ holier than thou “, just because I talk about Jesus or have to tell someone that something is wrong. In fact, years of condemnation that was not from Christ, Romans 8:1 had me concerned that I was doing something wrong. Where were my blessings? Oh, they were there, in the secret place of the Most High, and in me.

Jesus is all about perception. He was not a minder reader, something else I was accused of trying to be. He perceived people’s thoughts. Believers can tell what a person is thinking many times. It is like a mother with eyes in the back of her head, you know when a child is up to something, don’t you? That is perception, and he cut them down to size many times, didn’t He? Like the lens of a camera, can focus, zoom in close or magnify, we see through the lens of the Spirit, many times, what a person’s motives are and He looks at hearts, He knows better than any of us and He will fill us in if we listen closely enough.

Many times, we are focused on the wrong problem, the wrong idea. I like to make life as simple and stress free as possible. I was always grasping at proverbial straws, or what Jesus called straining at gnat. The Jews would filter wine or perhaps even water to get them out, but He said they would swallow a camel. Yes, people will sometimes believe anything but the truth. Give then a lesson in love and they strain it, while the devil is sifting them like Peter, and feed them a loaf of lies and they gobble it up. The devil does that all the time, insisting we won’t ever make it, that we are not smart enough , good enough pretty enough or whatever, get the picture?

While Jesus walked on earth, He perceived everything perfectly as God in the flesh, but as a man He went through it all and more than any of us. He was all about perception, He had to disappear through crowds that would have stoned Him, avoid arrest, and being killed, in order to lay down His life. The Spirit led Him to be tested, but it was the devil tempting Him. He, no doubt grabbed Peter and rebuke the devil’s words he was repeating. For the King had not come to become King but to set up a heavenly kingdom of peace in the hearts of men. And one day He will rule, and Jerusalem is now the capital, isn’t it? Wouldn’t have been nice if they could have believed Him to be the Messiah? Jesus is all about perception, you will know if someone is for or against you if you know God is for you.

Deception on the other hand is conniving, contriving, plotting, like the Nazis used fear of poverty to promote their agenda and cause, and when coming to power deceive average people into thinking they were a master race, they followed maniacal rhetoric, like people were deceived that it was alright to own slaves, beat their wives, go to mass and gun down fellow gangsters.

Deception makes people suicidal, homicidal and much more. People who think God is cruel when He is love and just are deceived, they deceive themselves by believing there is no God or He would not allow suffering, He sent Jesus for that very reason to redeem those who would believe. He said we would have trouble but we overcome by His blood and our testimony, He came to give life and life, more abundantly. It is the devil who comes to steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10, and the devil is deceiving you by telling you he doesn’t exist. Intelligent people are deceived, ignorant people are more easily deceived and that is not you education level, it is is the condition of your heart. Is it troubled, fearful or unbelieving? Has it been hardened by life, don’t go away from grace or abuse it either, the Spirit knows the truth.

A well dressed woman can walk in her home and be a hoarder. An average woman can be completely gorgeous. Children can be good at school and monsters at home.  A man can be a good boss but a tyrant at home. Or a tyrant at work and a loving husband. You can give your own examples and draw your own conclusions.

A minister I learned from long ago once said, ” Your words locate you. ” And they do, but I can add the tone, manner, posturing, all contributes. I get angry, and sin, and repent, I get angry and sin not. I am not perfect, though I have heard that as less than complementary, but I know the one who is.

I pray today for the Lord to, by His Spirit, sharpen and put into focus, our perception and deceptions, that He will open doors and close or better yet, slam them on the enemy, and I pray we receive and perceive that the greater one is in us and for us, and that He is speaking His gift of peace to us.

Not everyone who is trying to be helpful really is, not everyone who hurts you means to. Not every one who says, Lord, Lord, will enter and not everyone, who voices a complaint or even an expletive at times, or has a drink on occasion will be turned away. He judges hearts, and I am glad He does.

But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, “Why do you test Me, you hypocrites? Matthew 22:18

Jesus knew what they were thinking and asked, “Why are you thinking these things in your hearts? Luke 5L22 NIV

You know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from afar. Psalm 139:2

Greek aisthésis (ah’-ee-sthay-sis)  perception, understanding, discernment. It can understanding with the senses. An Aramaic translation is taste. Not a sixth sense, like divination but a gift of the Spirit. There is no way the enemy is an equal. God reveals Jesus from the beginning to Revelation.

Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient. Ephesians 5:6

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says James 1:22

Do not be deceived: God is not to be mocked. Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return. Galatians 6:7

And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being quite deceived, fell into transgression. 1 Timothy 2:10

Adam, a perfect man became a willing sinner, Jesus, the second Adam redeemed with His blood.  The Hebrew word for deceive is  ” nasha “, to beguile. like in the garden. I want the discernment, don’t you?

There are lots of other verses and word studies.

Sunnita Leunen / Unsplash

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