Do I Resemble Jesus?

When I got to the word resemble on the list, I thought of a post I had already written and decided to update it, and I will leave a link to the original.

We all have those family photographs and once in a while we take them out and look at them. I still like albums, but whether they are on a disc, or in a frame, we resemble someone in the family. Jesus said if you’ve seen Him, you have seen the Father. I look like mine, only he left when I was two.

He was creative, and I have a sketch in a frame that he did of my mother and I. She was beautiful and I was bald and he was gone. For years, I struggled with my creativity, I thought that my mother didn’t understand it, because of him. I heard all the stories, years later, I let it come to mind what life would have been like had their marriage worked, and then I let it go. I was sure I would have been a disappointment to him and he to me. After seeing some of the shows that reunite people for a while I was sure letting that go was the right thing to do.

As a mature adult, I finally asked my mother, she told me the truth that I had believed the lies about, that I was a baby and he stepped on over me and walked out. It didn’t happen that way. It is strange how family squabbles can turn them into ruin and the perception become deceptions, delusions that leave sensitive children with guilt. I have seen some that could care less. And you can still have guilt even in parents are together, and argue. Father wounds affect children and they can be healed.

But it was she who read to me, helped me write my first poem, let me color and draw. I was still secluded in my creativity. Mother was so busy and worked way too hard, I wanted a fatherly approval and I had God’s. Even if single or divorced mothers remarry, as my mother did, there is still a father wound. It is why we have such a problem accepting God as a loving Father and realizing, when believe His son died for us and sent us the precious Holy Spirit, that He is a seal, a guarantee of what is to come, that He approves of us because of Jesus sacrifice.

Even if father and mother forsake us, He will never leave us, we are adopted. And people may still think they look like a family member. I have seen pictures of my aunt as a child, how one daughter resembled her and the oldest who didn’t look like her is now her spitting image. Sometimes, we see doubles. I saw a boy in a movie, he was Asian but looked just like my cousin, when he was little. We all see people who look like other people all the time.

I’m glad people think I look like my mother, I wish I had her legs. One day, we got in an elevator and a teenage girl asked if we were twins, and I said yes. By the time we got to the top floor, she realized I was kidding. She had me at seventeen, she will tell you that is too you to marry. We are like sisters, close, because we have always been together, in many ways, in different seasons of life, all we had was each other and the Lord, and a promise. She almost died having me, my aunt said I was blue, but God spared us for a reason. A good reason. We bless others as He blesses us.

And I resemble my heavenly Father, He is the creative one. I hope I resemble Jesus. I think I must sometimes when people are cruel and accusing, they hated Him for no reason. I read once that if God had a refrigerator, our pictures would be on it it. I think mine might sit on one of His grand pianos I hope so. I’m sure He has all those manuscripts I threw away in tears of rejection, tears that are in a bottle, or a well that is also filled with living water to wash them into both purity and maturity.

Father wounds need to be healed in order for us to be. Mother wounds have to do with church, we have all been wounded by others, even churches, intentionally, and because they are human and make mistakes, and even unintentionally. These people are Christians and should know better. I am guilty of hurting, but never intentionally, I probably was hard on some who I thought should know what they were saying was wrong.

I did look for my father later, but found no records. In my heart, I felt he had died but was a believer. My aunt found a record, he has been dead some twenty years. People are walking dead without Jesus, the mother and father wounds, fears, anger, frustrations, the hurts and insults, losses and heart and mind rending wounds are keeping us from resembling Him.

While it is great to look like great aunt so and so, or uncle who ever. As His sons and daughter, created in His image, ( which is Spirit, but with a soul and body ) we should resemble our Father. If you saw Jesus, you saw Him, If you see us we should resemble Jesus.

One day, we will be changed in an instant, given that immortal body that is glorified and meet Him in the air. He is coming, I pray that we allow ourselves to be open minded and hearted and forgive, move on past the things that hold us in a vice like and deadly grasp, we need to let go, and let God replace mother and father, family wounds with His healing balm and Spirit, there are things and people we may have let go of, but we are loved and we want to resemble Jesus, even if others do not.

Renato Abati / Pixabay / NJS creations

2 thoughts on “Do I Resemble Jesus?”

  1. Rebecca you surely do resemble Jesus. You emulate Him every time you write. Such a wonderful reminder that no matter how our earthly parents treat us, God is our Father, and He never leaves us or forsakes us.


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