Valentine From God / Creativity

I think of you of during my day,

You are in my thoughts.

My conversation is sprinkled with your name.

In fact you are in all I do or say.

My love for you is a fountain of youth,

A mountain of joy, a whisper….a song,

A momentous moment of truth.

It’s a sky of blue, lazy and cloudy.

It’s a sea of green, bursting through,

A parade of red, drummers drumming loudly.

Violets blooming right on cue.

It’s as the peace of a dove,

The depth of my love.

It reaches far and wide,

My arms embrace you,

I AM always at you side.

You are the apple of my eye,

The peach that blossoms fair,

The orchard of my bounty,

If you need me , I AM there.

You are both memories and music,

Singer and song,

And I love you, all the day long.

You are both rhyme and reason,

The laughter of a far away season.

Gardens and gazebos,

Morning dew and evening mist.

You are every love, I ever loved,

Every kiss, I’ve ever kissed.

I only hope that you’ll think of me this way,

My love, bright, shining, as the Son.

It is finished! It is done!

For darkness overshadowed the cross,

The only love I ever knew,

Became my pain, my loss.

I gave Him up! I had to!

I had to look away!

And I did it just for you!

And though you’ve praised Him,

Maybe, you don’t understand,

All I’ve written or said.

My love is alive, living,

I raised Him from the dead!

I gave you all I had, that is true.

Because I love you everlasting, blessing you.

So follow in His footsteps, the very path He trod.

I hope you know how much I love you,

It’s true, every word, please believe.

I hope you have received and love, Jesus,

Your Valentine from God.

Rebecca Jones


  • I wrote this for my mother in 2003, you may use it to minister, or post it on your blog, but please remember to use my name, I retain ownership of all original poetry.

Wow, eighteen years ago. I remember pounding it out on a typewriter, I didn’t know a thing about computers. She probably got some candy, we were about to move from Atlanta. I think she still has the original copy somewhere. It is one of my top posts, and I decided to put up a new cover and use it for Valentine’s Day, in our # Write 28 Days, for the word creativity.

It also coincides with my month of Lessons In Love for February. Valentine From God has a backstory and know you know it. I believe it shows both God’s love and His creativity. it is where I get mine from. Thank you Heavenly Father for both my mother who instilled your love in me, and you for giving me Jesus and my or perhaps, your creativity.

Enjoy and share.


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