The Heart Of Worship / Energize

Back in the day, I used to do aerobics, even praying over my back, I managed to do a lot. It was called jazzercise and it was meant to energize and refresh. And it did until I could not keep up that routine, for various reasons. I was being led to put more effort into my faith and my writing, and that was energizing.

I found out how well God’s Word worked, it was good to exercise, but I was constantly telling people that the Lord was helping me, and was He ever. The more I learned about His Word, the more pressure I felt from others who didn’t share my faith, even believers. The enemy is happy stressing you out, he will run you ragged.

I got a lot of criticism. ” Where is your novel? ” ” But you’re not healed. ” ” People won’t listen to you. ”  ” You can’t do that. ” So I stopped speaking His words over my life as much and stopped trying to win over the approval of others, but later I learned that I have an audience of one, well, three, Father, Son and Spirit. And I have the Holy Spirit as a seal.

He had answered nonetheless. I had found myself in spiritual warfare, and should have realized that. He is not condemning me. Romans 8:1. So why should others?, I was trying to show His love. Did they just not understand that faith is not something you see with your eyes but with your heart. It is the very heart of worship.

I always had my Father’s blessing and approval, if He was for me, who could be against me? Even if they were, He always had a plan and has seen me through. And Jesus defeated the enemy long ago on a cross and tells us how to. We have to be still to hear His voice and to let Him fight the battles. And gives us the victory.

I have never been in the military, not an athlete or runner. But I have honestly felt like I had battle fatigue, or something like a post traumatic stress disorder at times, and I had to learn to rest, to pray, and let God be God and His Spirit energize me. I still get a lot done even as I rest.

I did even finish a novel, just because I never had done it. I am not as concerned about that as other work. Poetry has been my forte for a long time, and He has a time in mind, He can make it all beautiful in His time. I enjoy writing and blogging and sharing His love and yes, I have experienced healing, maybe I am not quite there but I am on the way.

The kneeling ballerina reminds me of the prayers I prayed that way, the story of Mary of Bethany at the feet of Jesus, with her alabaster box. We have to have a broken and contrite spirit to be born again. And we are all broken at times, that’s when He will pour in the Spirit, to comfort, to heal, restore and even energize us. The women were at the foot of the cross, though I realize that it also states that they were far off. It was because Jesus had been stripped, humiliated, and horribly put to death, that all our sins, cares, woes, and even sicknesses and diseases, fear and oppression are falling at His feet, defeated.

But when we kneel ( if you can )  we are in His presence, His love, and in the heart of worship as we pray, or pray in or sing in the Spirit. All these cares that would keep us bound are loosed and the Spirit brings rest, freedom and energizes us both body and soul. In a fallen world and as we live for Him, we will face obstacles, but we are conquering the adversary, from the place of faith and prayer, seeing Him as our victory.

While it is good to exercise, and eat healthy, it is not the whole of our shalom peace. Jesus speaks peace to us and we can receive energy as well as rest from the Spirit. He will teach you to walk in step with Him and to live in His rhythm. I have prayed many times to be strengthened and ministered to like Jesus was when He had to endure trials. He gives us angels along the way

And He rejoices over us with singing and quiets us with His love. Zephaniah 3:17, so I want to peacefully and powerful worship Him.

Skitterphoto / Pixabay

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