Hearts And Pearls / Exasperated

When I saw this word, irritate came to mind, I actually looked it up to make sure. To exasperate someone is to annoy him or her to the point of impatience, frustration and irritation. we have certainly all had that happen, probably even yesterday or today. But I thought too when deciding what to write for this word, about oysters being irritated to produce pearl.

I know God gets irritated at people, He allowed a flood, captivities, and even withdrew rest in Isaiah. But when Jesus came, He fulfilled all the law and prophets and the wrath of God was on Him, or else we could not be saved. We are saved by His grace and sacrifice alone. Now, God may have sent Jesus because He so loved the world, and Jesus sent His Spirit, but don’t think for a moment that He never gets irritated at us, but He still loves us. God is the perfect Father, and He is patient but the Spirit will not always strive with people who refuse that love.

When I was a child, I was taught that Jesus was the Pearl of Great Price from the parable, and He is worth anything, but it says that the field was purchased to obtain the treasure, the pearl, and the merchant gave all He had. To me, that is Jesus and the earth is the field and we are the pearls that He purchased or redeemed, with His very own body and blood. It certainly gives Him the right to tell us what to do and He does it with love, but is also firm.

I researched the story of the oyster for another post, The oyster is very much like Christ as well. It is irritated to produce the pearl, both naturally and cultured. It a takes a  piece of something, a grain of sand, perhaps, even a little stick or piece of sea glass, the shell is soft and the debris goes inside the oyster’s shell and to cover the wound it produces a white, milky substance called nacre, ( pronounced nacker ) it continually covers the piece until it has layer upon layer, like grace upon grace as Jesus continues to cover us, as long as we keep a repentant heart and are not willing sinners, that does irritate Him.

When the oyster is opened it dies, it suffocates. Do you know much about crucifixions? I read up on them too, the Romans perfected it, under Jewish law, Jesus would have been stoned. Neither the Romans or Jews killed Jesus, He willing lay down His life. The last part of the crucifixion is death, and the person suffocates.

Oysters give their lives for pearls, and in a way Jesus did too. How you understand the parable that He is the pearl or we are, is for the Spirit to teach. I think it can work either way. Parables were meant to be studied. Not everyone understand that kind of love and sacrifice, just like they did not understand the parables. I wanted this to be one of our Lessons In Love, and the next time you are exasperated, think of Jesus and the pearls. He knows hearts and He knows pearls.

He covers us when we are joyous and walking with Him and when we are tired and offers rest, and He is there in our sorrows and pain, He understands that, and even the times that we are frustrated, annoyed or irritated, like the oysters, words and wound get into our spirits, but His Spirit is there to see us through if we will let Him, so we can be Jesus Girls and Pearls. He gave His life and loved enough to give it for just one of us, but I want Him to redeem lots of us.

Here is a link to more parables, the pearl is in Matthew 13:44


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