Handfuls On Purpose / Sunrise

We are all familiar with the story of Ruth and Boaz, it is a story that is relative to Christ and His love for us,  the story begins when they have had to leave because of the famine. In Moab, Naomi’s husband Elimelech dies, and her sons Malon and Chlieab. The sun rose on a day when she and Ruth and Orpah, also widows must decide what to do, and the decision was made to return to her home in Bethlehem.

While Naomi is all set to go, she tells her daughters in law, Naomi and Orpah to stay, Orpah does, and I read somewhere that she became the mother of Goliath, though that is likely not in the Bible. But Ruth has a different mindset and is adamant about her determination to go, perhaps, even though her bitter mother in law, had asked her to stay, she was hearing the call of God in her heart. She is in the ancestry of Jesus.

When they arrived back home, they were like all the other widows and had to glean from the fields of the rich in order to survive. Ruth gleans and has enough for herself and Naomi, at the corners of the fields of Boaz, who is a relative of hers by marriage.

Day after day, she labors with backbreaking efforts, and is then being noticed by workmen and probably chided by other women, as she was likely beautiful and stronger. When she is noticed by Boaz, he is taken with her and askes a reaper who she is  and is told that she came with Naomi and has worked sin sunrise with only a little break. Workers are told to leave her ” handfuls of purpose “, which I chose for my title, since this is the King James, I used on purpose, I read different translations

How many days whether one or more before he noticed her isn’t clear, and she asks him about favoring her and is told that he has heard of what she had done for Naomi, he tells her the reapers are not to bother her, and perhaps, not to let anyone  else. She is told to stay with the women who work for him and that she can go and get water, she is even asked to eat with them. Actually, to dip her brad in vinegar.

And of course we know how that Naomi encourages her marriage, even is she is not sure why she is so admired, she knows she is a Moabitess and had told Naomi this…..

 ” Do not urge me to leave you or to return from following you. For where you go I will go, and where you lodge I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there will I be buried. May the LORD do so to me and more also if anything but death parts me from you.” Ruth 1:16,17

This thought of a a covenant promise and even related to weddings and it can be, but it was said to woman determined not to go back to her own home, but to follow her mother in law. And she believes God had dealt bitterly with her, she would have sent her back into idolatry. But Ruth was determined.

There was actually another kinsman redeemer, but God had Boaz in mind. Naomi sent her to him in the fields after dinner where she lay at his feet. He was surprised to see her, she was younger and he was pleased that she had not sought the young men and told her he would redeem her, to stay the night right where she was. Sunrise, for was again life changing.

In the morning, he filled her cloak with grain, At the meeting, this was in the time of the Judges, the other relative would not have her, and removed his shoe as was the custom. If you see one of the old films, he wants her but not badly enough, and throws the shoe. So Boaz redeems her, he buys Naomi’s land and Ruth becomes his wife and they have a son named Obed, who is Jesse’s father, David’s grandfather, and we know Jesus is in line for that throne forever.

What a beautiful story of redemption, like Christ for us, He gives us handfuls on purpose, then double portions and is our spiritual beloved bridegroom. Ruth at the feet of Boaz and we see Mary of Bethany and others at the feet of Jesus. He rose from the dead on a morning that ended a bleak Passover week, with the disciples in hiding. It was a resurrection sunrise and ever since the Son rose, He has been calling us to His feet and rest, and is our kinsman redeemer and protector, our salvation.

It is my prayer that we stop gleaning the edges of the fields but gather our handfuls of or on purpose and double portions and be prepared to meet Jesus, who has redeemed us for all eternity. In heaven we will have no need of a sunrise, Jesus is our light.


kieutruongphoto / pixabay

Bethelehem means house of bread.

Ruth / friend

Boaz / quickness or pillar before the temple.

Naomi / my joy or bliss , her husband had a name that means my God is King.

Her sons had weak names, Mahlon, sick and Chilion (sounds like k ) pining or wasting away.

Orpah is a Caananite name for fawn or doe, it is also said to be stubborn.

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