The Love Chapter / Enthusiasm

Rather than writing out the chapter, I will leave you a link to 1 Corinthians 13.

Is it just me, or does everybody become so focused on love does this or that,  is or isn’t that,  that we are overlooking that the chapter is not only a guide to love and what is and isn’t that we are overlooking that it is about Jesus, He spoke out an up and yet kept His peace many times. Didn’t He?

As believers, we are so often enthusiastic about Christ and His love, even to the dismay of others, and truly the trials and the fiery darts that come us against can wear us down, even curb that enthusiasm. But deep in our our hearts it the truth of His love and it kindles the flame of His Spirit, and sparks the fire in us again as we remember His sacrifice and love. We can keep our enthusiasm and joy in Christ, regardless of circumstances and opposition.

It is He who gave His body to be burned, He did go to hell to retrieve the keys of death, hell and the grave, death is a demon that could not hold Him, why He is the resurrection and why He resurrects believers who die in Him. He was the once and for all offering, I am always amazed at that love, and I wrote about sacrifices last year, so I learned quite a lot about it, and He was the sacrifice. It is all about Jesus, and 1 Corinthians 13 is all about Him. Joseph of Aramethea supplied a tomb, corpses were burned, God was never going to leave Him there. It is prophetic from Isaiah 53.

He spoke with tongues of men and angels. He commanded angels and was ministered to by them. He spoke Hebrew and Aramaic, though He was anointed with the Holy Spirit, a measure and full baptism at His baptism, He may or may not have spoken in tongues as we know it, but think it is likely he did, or at least, the groanings of Romans 8:26, which is very deep. He was not a sounding brass or tinkling cymbal, He prophesied and had all spiritual knowledge and wisdom and could move mountains, stop storms, heal the sick, raise the dead.

And He did all this with love or else it would not have worked. How often have we seen love fail in the natural, And I have seen people have prophecies spoken over them and not receive, so I think it was given in love just not understood, this lady’s prophecy failed. Why? She had yet to understand that powerful love, even as a believer.

Jesus  is patient and kind, does not envy or boast. He is not arrogant, assertive and firm, yes, nor rude. He does not insist on His way, although if we are surrendered to Him or submitted, He does expect to be obeyed, He still gives us a fee will. Not choosing His way has disastrous effects. He is not irritable or resentful, and He does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Jesus bore all things, believed all things, hoped all things, endured all things. Even the cross for the joy that awaited Him.

Love never fails or ends. Jesus was a child but grew in wisdom and taught the sages at twelve. He was a child, He got dirty, ran around the house with other children, needed His mother if He skinned a knee, Mary cooked, cleaned and changed diapers. But when He was a man, He became a man. He may have had a bar mitzvah, I could not say.

When everything else tongues or prophecies, even the world as we know it passes away, His words will not. We have only seen Him in part, but that which is perfect is coming. To be like Him and we are supposed to be even in this world, we have to follow this passage to the best of our ability.

I was thinking something the other day and I quickly thought that love thinks no evil. What is evil? An unbelieving heart for one, Hebrews 12:3, I realized I did not want to expect evil but what He says and promises. I have to work on this too. And we are ever closer to seeing Him face to face. Jesus is love and He never fails.

I suggest reading several translations, and while I believe it to be mainly about Jesus, it certainly applies to us all, and Paul expounds on love, and even if some manuscripts have to boast instead of to be burned, still Jesus paid that price for us, and how many were martyred  who believe in Him?

When learning about spiritual gifts, I tell others to read, chapters 12, 13 and 14 before asking to be baptized in the Spirit. We are to follow after love as Paul says, and who is love? Jesus, the love chapter is about Him and I was missing that trying to relate it to me.

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three, but the greatest of these is love. The greatest is Jesus. We may fail, but it is His love that never does, and that is the love He placed in us.

Monsterkoi / Pixabay

6 thoughts on “The Love Chapter / Enthusiasm”

  1. Amen! This is so true. So often, people say that 1 Corinthians 13 is about the love between man and woman, or the love we are to extend to our neighbors. It may be, too, but it is really about Jesus’ love for us. When I first read this chapter, I too thought it was about the love we need to show one another and one very rpogressive church here in the Netherlands even said that Paul declares love above faith and claims we need to look beyond people’s identities. We of course need to love our neighbors, but it’s only because Jesus loved us first. Visiting from #Write28Days.


  2. The great love chapter! If everyone tried to practice love in this way, what a better world we would have. The love of Jesus is greater than any other and He will enable us to love, too. Blessings to you!


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