Lessons In Love / # Write 28 Days / Disappoint

Lessons in love, there are plenty of verses to go to on this, but for now, I am just passing along some of my experience as a believer. People will disappoint you, Jesus won’t, but sometime it is the waiting that disappoints. I supposed I learned early on, without even realizing it, that you do things for people because you love them. Not for praise or to get something. If the house was clean, the dishes done, I could watch television with my mother Not to brag on myself but I did a lot of the housework as I got older.

She read to me as a child, and even as an adult and sowed into me that Jesus would always take care of me, and like that love, mother / daughter, I even had Father / Son. It was something that grew as I did, and it was grace. While God laid on Jesus the sins and sicknesses, and punishment for us all, Jesus is taking things off of us, now that is love. It is like an old hymn or new song, but He took our place.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard or read that Jesus didn’t die to make your life easy, well, He certainly didn’t want to be harder. I have seen disappointment in my life but He said we would have trials. He went through it all, so we could overcome, even went to heaven to send us His Spirit, who prays for us, when we don’t know how, Romans 8:26.

While we are to bear each others burdens, we are not able to carry what He did, that cross. Oh, I know, I hear about being the thirteenth disciple, but we are supposed to be sons and daughters, raised with Him, we may pick up our cross but we were crucified with Him and are living a new and hidden life, we live in the Spirit.

I cannot begin to tell you what Jesus took  off me. I was way too burdened, I even prayed too much. I was overdoing instead of overcoming. I was going to have cast my cares on Him, He had already taken them and left me His peace. If you can ever enter His rest of Hebrews 4, you will get it. He finished the work on the cross, He bore the burdens, so much more than we know, laying down His life for His friends.

I pondered that in my twenties, would I die for someone?  Jesus died for His friends, He said. But who were His friends? The disciples, after learning what the Father taught, those who do as He says and keep His commandment to love, God and one another. He died for anyone who would believe, but He was envisioning people like you or me, much more than those who might never believe or ever have a relationship that is personal, He had too to endure, He was in human form. One of my favorite books and the Ronald Coleman movie, A Tale of Two Cities, demonstrates just that.

I realize that so many people still think God puts stuff on you, I even heard that said recently. God was not giving throat cancer to someone so they would repent. Would He use it to draw a person to His love and mercy? Yes. The Holy Spirit is our teacher, not the devil. I realize the verse in Exodus says, He will not put any plagues on you. Perhaps, allow is a better translation.  Does He allow you to be tempted? Yes. Jesus was. Does He test you? Yes, and gives you grace upon grace. John 1:16.  But He is not the one tempting you to sin or quit, He allows you to grow in grace and favor, in all His ways. He never lets you be tempted above what you can bear, He always makes an escape.

He is not into putting things on you, He takes them off. He takes sin and shame and gives you eternal life. He takes unrighteousness, and self righteousness and gives us a robe of His righteousness, He takes our ashes and gives us beauty,  for sorrow, His joy. He took our place on a cross to save us from hell and salvation is so much more, so He takes off cares, worries and woes. He removes fear and doubt, and restores faith, hope and love.

He is not trying to punish you as a believer but teach you lessons in love, and He removes so much, the storms, the mountains, the sickness, the fear, pains, sorrow, grief, you name it, His name is above it. Let Him release His promises over you, and you from anything you need Him to. Above all, I would not want to disappoint Him. He is behind faith, hope and love.  And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us. Romans 5:5.

His death on the cross was the most beautiful act of love, a lesson in love, and He is the teacher through His Spirit. If you love someone make their life easier not harder, take off burdens, don’t add them. This is a lesson in love for husbands toward wives, and wives toward husbands, but you have to learn from Jesus, and invite Him to be a forever friend. You don’t necessarily have to die for someone, just live for them, and love in a way that pleases God. And learn lessons of love.

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8 thoughts on “Lessons In Love / # Write 28 Days / Disappoint”

  1. Beautiful, Rebecca! God’s love is greater than all. I’m so thankful that nothing can separate us from His love and He holds us in His hands. Blessings to you! xo


  2. I agree with you, Rebecca, that God doesn’t put things on us but takes things off. This is a mindset I continue to have to work against too: “I was overdoing instead of overcoming.”


  3. Rebecca, Love this paragraph, “He is not into putting things on you, He takes them off. He takes sin and shame and gives you eternal life. He takes unrighteousness, and self righteousness and gives us a robe of His righteousness, He takes our ashes and gives us beauty, for sorrow, His joy. He took our place on a cross to save us from hell and salvation is so much more, so He takes off cares, worries and woes. He removes fear and doubt, and restores faith, hope and love.” He is taking off, not putting on.

    I had a friend once say that perhaps during a trial God was keeping even more worse things from happening. That what we thought was hard, was only a portion of the whole because he was keeping the worst from affecting us. in His love, He was taking off the worst of the trial.


    1. Hello Theresa, Nice to hear from you. I have not been doing all the link ups. I agree with that friend, He protects us from a lot worse than we know, and I do think we put things on ourselves, even in trying to help others, I am learning to rest and let Him be God. Visit anytime, Becky šŸ˜‡


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