Completely Saved

Love Lifted Me, an old hymn, has the line  ” Jesus completely saves. ” And it is in the Bible, so let’s take a look at the verses.

…..because Jesus lives forever, He has a permanent priesthood. Therefore He is able to save completely those who draw near to God through Him, since He always lives to intercede for them. Such a high priest truly befits us—One who is holy, innocent, undefiled, set apart from sinners, and exalted above the heavens.….Hebrews 7:24- 26

Once you have been saved or born again, you are completely saved, the enemy might try to talk you out of it but he is a liar. Jesus was asked if only a few would be saved and He answered that many will try to enter a narrow gate and not be able to. Matthew 7:14 and in Luke and 1 Corinthians 15:2 says you are saved if you hold fast to the gospel and not just hear in vain and with no commitment to Christ.

We are saved by grace and not works, Ephesians 2:8, but Jesus planned things for us to do, out of the desire of the Father’s heart. I grew up in mostly Baptist teaching, there were always rededication services, then the once saved always saved teaching goes around causing arguments. I do believe that when you are truly saved you know it, and that enemy may try, but he can’t shake you.

It is because Jesus said no one could take you from His hand, and they can’t and if you could take yourself out, that idea doesn’t work either. Judas never asked forgiveness and Peter was restored. Blasphemy against the Spirit, though spoken of to certain Jews, if you worry about it, you wouldn’t do it. But you don’t need to worry.
I do believe many do not really understand salvation, believing that He is the Son of God and died for your sins to save you from eternal hell, and so much more, and that all you have to do is believe and confess Him, Romans 10:9,10. You must be under conviction of the Spirit and know you are a sinner, once you are saved, don’t trample His grace and remain a willing sinner. If you can do that with no conscience, or remorse, you may not have been saved.

Believers know each other by the Spirit, your true colors shine through, and some have no fruit, another way to know them. I am not really a fan of ” repeat after me prayers “, though it is enough for someone truly repentant, some may take it like the pledge of allegiance and recite it, and not follow through.
Colossians 2:10 tell how He completes us, being with Jesus should be comfortable, like a pair of slippers, but not complacent, not recognizing the enemy arrows and darts against us. We should go together like hand and glove and be heart to heart, we should hear the still and peaceful voice of the Spirit and follow Him.
Add the verse says He is the High Priest forever but we are expected like Him, to live holy and undefiled, set apart from sinners and only Jesus can do that, He redeems us and sanctifies us, washes us clean. We are righteous only because of Him. You can’t be saved to day and lost tomorrow or get saved again and again. That is not the way it works, you have eternal life as a believer, and love.
He saves completely and completes us, but we have to be sure of our salvation, and that sin will find you out. Salvation is a one time experience, but is ongoing as we grow in grace. We are to forsake evil, and pursue peace. Psalm 34:4, and to follow after love which is 1 Corinthians 13, and is Jesus.
Salvation, has a lot of benefits, healing deliverance, peace, protection and He prospers us as our souls prosper. Lots of people may start off with Jesus only thinking they know Him and wind up in hell, He will turn away those He says He never knew, though they claim to have known Him in Revelation.
I want you to know Jesus as Lord, ask Him to forgive you, read about the Holy Spirit, He will baptize you in Him as well as water, for people who know little about religious teaching, that may be the best way, sometimes it is hard to unlearn old ways and the Spirit will give you power over the enemy of the soul and the gift of tongues, and teach you as you renounce all false teaching. I counseled a girl who appears to have been saved but still has problems, she is living with someone, and still casually uses drugs, she wanted the Holy Spirit, and she needs Him and He is there but she must change her ways. Often, I have had to just leave people in the hands of the Lord, you speak the truth in love, and let God take care of it.
He saves you from so many things everyday, and saves through and through, and is rich in mercy and grace but be sure you have a personal relationship and are not just a casual acquaintance, or that He is just a name or a character or prophet to you, just someone who was crucified, I believe that, I’m okay, Think again and be completely saved.

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