Spontaneity is a good word. I love words and studying meanings.  We are always in a rut of some kind, going out to eat every Friday night, shopping, Sunday church and dinners. We do the same things all the time, we need a little bit of spontaneity in or lives, don’t we.?

I have served breakfast for dinner. A little early morning ice cream instead of coffee. Call up someone you have not talked to in a long time. Go somewhere new for lunch. Pick up and go away for a weekend. Maybe, you get pedicures in the summer, do it in the winter.  A good massage, a long hot bath. The possibilities are endless.

I realize a lot of work is 9 to 5 and there are children running around but get creative, call in some favors, exchange childcare with friends. Husbands and wives need personal time and everyone needs quiet time to be still and know who God is. The world is so loud, it can drown Him out if we are not careful, if we are to busy, bogged down, overworked or stressed out. We may not hear the still small voice.

I realize that with the pandemic, so many are working from home or quarantined, lots of parents who may not have chose to home school have been forced to. But I know there are still ways around these major stress issues and we need not be to busy for God or to receive His rest. which is more than just extra sleep. It is knowing that He is control and will keep His promises as we endure the wait. He is not holding out on us but rather holding on to us.

We have been through a lot last year, I have prayed for so many people with so many problems and these are not unbelievers, not are casual Christians, many of these people are prayer warriors and the enemy has ramped up attacks as his time grows ever shorter.

People have had to be constant caregivers, which is taxing to the heart and soul. Being locked up together is not a good idea for long periods of time either, not only is it cabin fever but mentally challenging to hear the complaints and deal with problems of others. Online school and church is not the same. People do need people and people need the Lord.

So not only do we need a prayer closet or a war room, we need to be still and quiet and let the battle belong to the Lord. If we are still, He fights for us. Exodus 14:14. If we fight our own battles we can lose. We will never be victorious in our own strength but His.

Why not do something different? Go birdwatching or to a butterfly habitat. We have one here in Georgia. Get out in the sun, especially if it is winter. Open blinds and curtains, let some light in and declutter your mind and heart and house if you need too. While we take out the winter wear, we can donate some clothes. Cook something, a new recipe.

I know a lot of people make resolutions but I don’t, I stopped because I never kept them long. I always pray in my new year and this year I just pray His will be done, it is exceedingly abundant, it can out do my imagination. And I thought I had a good one.

So, instead of just being concerned about taking off pounds, I want the Lord to take off the weight of the world. Let the love of Jesus flow, and heal the broken hearts, we are sealed with His Spirit and He is our most precious gift, we must never stop  believing that ..

Father, in Jesus name I pray that your peace surrounds us as we move into 2021 and that your blessings catch up to us and overtake us.

TesaPhotography / Pixabay

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