Little Girl Lost

As a part of Jesus Cares January, I was inspired to write this post after being in prayer. The prayer may have been for a specific person, but it applies to many women I am certain, this post is guided by the Spirit.

God wants you to know that you are loved, no matter what has happened, some of it was not your fault, some of it was, as you lashed out in anger and fear. Sometimes, you could not hear your Father calling you, the Lord says, but I am coming to take you home, and Jesus is wooing you back to His love.

When you became a believer, and were saved by grace, you grew and blossomed my child, and your Father was proud of you, jealous in a good way, that you were becoming a beautiful woman created to conform to the image of Christ. You fell, and failed many times, like a child on a bicycle or swing, but I picked you up, and you were loved in a way that natural parents or foster parents could not.

You heard me, and sang for me, and danced, you dreamed and I dreamed even bigger dreams for you. They may have flashed across your holy imagination, but they paled in comparison to mine. I had you wait, sometimes I wanted to rescue you from the cares that encompassed you and those who persecuted you for my sake. My arms ached to hold you again but you are my butterfly, little one, and your wings had to grow strong to fly, and soar to the heavens as I desired. You have always been in my heart and hands. When you could no longer sing, dance or dream, you were a little girl lost.

Not that you had lost salvation, never! I will never leave or forsake you! You are my child, I have called you by name and you are mine. Say that and add your name, call out the Lord’s grace and favor that is still yours as a believer. I want you to rest, to be still, to hear me call your name once more. ( I am His Becky! )

Speak my word, declare me as Lord. Speak my peace into your soul. Cast those cares on me, I am here. I want you to sing and rejoice in me for I am your Heavenly Father and my Son is the beloved you were accepted into and He woos you with His love and you are a beautiful bride of Christ.

I want you to have an intimate love with Him, He gave His life for you, and you walked the aisle as His beloved, it is a marriage in the Spirit. Husbands were meant to love like the Lord, many do not know Him as Lord, or like you do, and many are out of step, out of line, in their ways and my sons have lost their way, though they are still sons, they cannot love like the Son until they repent, are restored and return to me, little lost boys who strayed far afield. Lost boys and girls who need to find their Father’s love, and the Father is there when they call.

My love is eternal, ethereal, Spirit, I am the Father who loves with motherly love and I stand between you and the wicked one, do not delay in seeking me, I am here. I am the deepest love in the husband for His wife, and the deepest love in the wife for her husband, I created marriage and intimacy for men and women, and for family and friends, but lines are blurred and marriage and family distorted, when there is love, enough love, for everyone who would believe and obey the Lord’s command to love me and one another.

Little girl lost, I see you and I hear you, and I am here, take your Father’s hand.

That just flowed from the Lord, as an answer to a prayer for someone I was interceding for, and she said share it. It is for more than one, He speaks His words and peace and declares prophetic words over us all. I got lost once when I was little at the store, I was found in a clothes rack, and I was not one to run off. I got lost as teenager at an unfamiliar mall, but I was with my cousin, it took a long time to get found and we had to get someone at an information desk to call my mother and aunt. I always called my mother and never wanted to worry her, and always have. Sometimes, it is as easy as saying, ” I’m going to look over here. ” That is what happened and then they were gone, and we were lost. Perhaps, they didn’t hear, but God does, and sometime we don’t have to wander off looking at something else, someone else, or look for another way when He is the way.

We have all taken wrong turns, found ourselves in the wrong lane or on the wrong highway. Life is like that too, but God has good plans and wants no harm to come to us, He sends the Spirit and His angels to guide us back on track, on the path he chose for us, a path that is filled with love.

Oppression and depression have a way of heaping troubles into our lives but Jesus overcame so we could and He told us to be of good cheer, didn’t He? When we seek Him with our whole heart, He woos us back and we are no longer lost in the cares of the world, while as a believer we are no longer a lost soul, we never want to remain a little girl lost.

Jill Wellington / Pixabay

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