Soul Care

There is a lot of blogging these days about Soul Care, and I wanted to do a few posts, even though we are still in our month of peace, because it is always an important topic and peace is part of it. And Jesus left us His peace in John 14:27, do we always operate in it? Of course not. We get into the flesh, forgetting our spirit and His.

First of all, what is a soul? God breathed on Adam and He became a living soul, did we. And His words are Spirit and life, God breathes them, as inspiration. So a soul, created in the image of God, we are spirits, we have as soul, which is our minds, wills and emotions, and we live in a body. God who is male, had mother love and created both and that was His intent for marriage, a covenant between a man and woman. Marital woes and children tax the soul, don’t they?

When I first studied heling seriously, I ran into those organic people, the water drinkers and others. This diet, that diet, the vitamins. I didn’t have the money for all the trappings. And I found a lot of things just didn’t work, I still lay awake at night. Prayers were at work spiritually, though I had no idea what God was doing on my behalf at a young age and when I found out what was going on with spiritual attacks and division that was between so many believers, I was overwhelmed.

Caregiving is another stresser. If it is a full time situation for you or even with some help, caring for parents or fostering, your own family and career. What the Bible calls ” cares of the world. ”  You can hear a good word and if you are not grounded in faith, out it goes. I would have though many I knew were more grounded, but also not understanding the Word in a spiritual sense, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, can cause it to escape you. And yet, His peace will pursue you as a  believer.

The Lord works in cycles, seasons, and in rest. He offered rest that the Israelites refused. Jesus offers it to us. Both God and Jesus have finished their work and set it all in motion for us to believe and to receive it. His rest is a Sabbath Rest but that is not just the traditional Jewish Friday to Saturday sundown or even Sunday. A Sunday service will not last you. Eating one meal a week will not fill you. There are days you will need more food, and more of His Word.

The Lord has set times, called mohedim, the enemy tries to copy God. many times things happen in threes, or at three in the morning when Jesus walked on water. I know lots of people who have been awakened to pray at that hour, and doctors and nurses report many patients die at that hour. There are seasons and cycles, people have had the same illnesses year after year and certain days  that are filled with good memories can become targets of the enemy, why the holidays can be tough for some.

So soul care is like taking care of the inside like we do the out. Just as we bathe, He washes us with the water of His word. Why we have to keep it in us and let it abide or live in our hearts. We take care of our feet. Jesus washed feet. Romans 10:15 says beautiful feet carry the gospel of peace.  We may take peaceful walks, and we are to walk in love. Women are into hair and makeup, and we are adorned with His glory, if we choose to be. He renews our youth. A beauty secret from Psalm 103, we are not to be solely focused on the outside. But also in the inside, where His Spirit is..

This is the soul and we care for it, mind. We are think on lovely things, renew it in the Word, and even have the mind of Christ. The will, we are all given a choice of what we say or think or do or not do, even believe. Many times though we will to do good we are often drawn off into fear or worry, and even those sins build. They are temptations, and we have to resist them by submitting our will to God and then the enemy flees. I realize people need mental health help, counseling and even medications, but the Holy Spirit can direct you to the right treatment until you can be healed. A lot of people don’t think He does, but He is still the healer. As I said, God rests from His work and Jesus finished His, so now He is finishing it in us. They are on the throne.

It is not willpower or just positive thinking, it is so much more or we would all be okay and not need Him. Jesus even prayed for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven and we receive enough of Him for each day. Jesus knew what we would face  and the Spirit gives gifts as He sees fit. A lot of people have been beaten down, their wills abused, broken. Jesus will be gentle with that soul. And I have seen some that pity was given to and they would retaliate. There are some not willing to accept help God’s way.

Emotions are the part of the soul that women struggle with. They are on the surface and rule or are hurt, or they are pushed back down and not allowed to surface. Because of what someone said about not letting the devil see you cry, I didn’t and tried to be strong for a long time,  a sermon I heard to receive peace broke that and I cried for six weeks. Jesus cried, the Spirit was on Him protecting Him, even if He was worn down or in a weakened human, fragile and vulnerable state. He went through all we ever have or will and more, He understands and wore a crown of thorns for our peace.

So soul care is more than taking care of our bodies and health, it is taking care of the mind, will and emotion, the soul is connected to the spirit, and the Holy Spirit is in every believer as a Comforter, teacher and Guide. He pray for us, when we don’t know how, Romans 8:26, and offers our prayer language that is both powerful and peaceful. I ask people to study 1 Corinthians, 12,13,and 14, and decide about believing and receiving spiritual gifts.

His rest is more than sleep or relaxing. I do take more naps, but sometimes I keep odd hours and if I am busy or in prayer I might have to sleep more. I don’t do the sixteen or eighteen hour days anymore, it catches up to you. And you are worth many sparrows, He gives sleep to the beloved. Psalm 127:2, you are His beloved as a believer.

We are wasting precious time before His return toiling away, being up early and staying up late. It is not helpful. We are to be redeeming our time and letting others see His good work in us, and want to believe too. I realize that I find inspiration in Him, at peaceful late hours but I am beloved and He lets me sleep. I did not know that before, I was too busy to be the beloved and rest, I was caring for others, trying to be be a good Christian, and being thrown under the proverbial bus, and was way down the list. I ate on the run, did take care of my hair and make up, but was gaining and losing health. I was in the ” death cycle “, when He died to give me life more abundantly. John 10:10 And death and life are in the words we speak. Proverbs 18:21.

Don’t carry what He carried for you, let it go and let Him be God, and read the Word, journal, listen to music, and learn how to care for souls, yours and others. You have to realize what it is and what affects it, and the power of words, and the effects of His joy in hearts and His peace, His rest. I wrote a post for a friend who passed away, it is called A Beautiful Soul, that is what He wants us to be.

And when we know the beauty of Christ and walk in His love, it is what we can’t help to become. My Beautiful Jesus cares for Beautiful Souls. He is the one who gives you the most soul care.

Andrew Poynton / Pixabay

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