Knowing Jesus Knowing Peace

There used to be signs you would see or stickers that said ” No Jesus, No Peace. ” And while that is true, we want to focus more on knowing Jesus and knowing peace. I have always has His peace as a gift, as a believer and so have you but have you realized it, drawn strength from it, been comforted by it.

I have, and then there have been times of overwhelming cares and even weights of the world. I allowed fear and worry to trouble my heart and that was against John 14:27. Is your sleep disturber or your day in shambles, are you are believer as we close out our December of Christmas Peace, let’s remember it is not just for Christmas or Easter, resurrection Day, it is for everyday.

It is for such a time as this and even with the turmoil that goes on in our daily lives, the screaming children, homework, angry bosses or spouses, overdrawn bank accounts, credit card debt, bills to pay, groceries to buy, laundry to do. His peace is for now,

I am in no way making light of these matters, Jesus know the “real ” problems we have and will encounter but He also knows out heart and whether or not we know Him as Lord, just being saved, a casual Christian, or if we really put Him first. That’s why He can speak to and calm these weary and troubled hearts and replace everything else with His peace.

We may not know what is coming next but we can know His peace is already there ahead of us. We may not be able to relax, but we know He calms the storm and if not the storm, the child. We may not know everything even with a working knowledge or even a degree in theology, but we know who does know everything.

Jesus cares for us deeply because He is the one who made the greatest sacrifice for all of us, and we are going to talk about that in January, and His desire is to know us intimately as in a marriage. Only this is deeper than that it goes to the spirit, His Spirit, loving and guiding us out of the darkness into the light and from the wicked one who casts a false light and peace, yet deceives and destroys.

I pray for us to the His peace, no matter what the New Year brings or doesn’t bring. If you need to go back and study His peace, there are lots of post on my blog and others and read about peace from the Word, ask the Spirit to lead you in the paths of righteousness and peace. His grace is enough for us all.

And I wish you a Happy, Joyous and Blessed New Year 2021, and I will leave you His peace once more.

Peace I leave to you as a gift of mind and heart, my peace I give you, not as the world gives you, Give I to you. Let not your heart be troubled or afraid. John 14:27

And remember…

He, Himself, is our peace. Ephesians 2:14

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