A Peaceful New Year?

Well, 2020 is almost history and we are wondering about 2021. There may be celebrations but as we ring in a New Year are we going to have a peaceful one? As I write this, families are struggling, Covid is still a threat, social distancing, stores closed or limited so  many people and you must wear a mask.

People are wondering about unemployment, insurance, stimulus checks, what the election will do or not do for the country. Personally, I have prayed for the people in authority as the Bible says so we can have peace, and I know it is only as much as possible. Whether I agree with the politics or not, I will.

And we must not forget to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, as we are ever closer to the return of the Prince of Peace and His government will one day never end. He is the only one who can and ever will rule in absolute peace. So, until then, we must pray for peace, speak peace to ourselves and others, to the body of Christ as a whole, we are members of one body by the Spirit, just like we are Americans.

While we are citizens, and of different nations as well, we are just passing through this world, we are citizens of heaven, and we should carry the gospel of peace and share it with others. We cannot do that without His peace, and we know it is a gift for He said He left it and it was not like the world’s peace. John 14:27.

A peaceful New Year, you can count on adversity, fear and strife and the regular flow of day to day problems and even a ramping up of spiritual attacks at times. And the enemy knows his time is short, but we have a peaceful forever to look forward to, and it can begin with a peaceful 2021, it is our choice.

We can choose fear of faith, speak death or life, we can let the storms shake us or Jesus wake us and we will agree with Him and say, ” Peace, be still! ” If you don’t know Jesus as Lord, He died to save you and He loves you, and wants you to receive Him as Lord and to instill and even infuse your heart with peace.

Isn’t it nice to be able to say, ” Oh, well God’s got that. ” When there isn’t enough money to go around, somehow it does, neighbors show up with dinners when you are low on groceries. I have some things go very wrong over the holidays, and yet there were roses for birthdays and a couple of nice gifts, I even saved money on a pair of shoes. God’s got it, He is for us not against us, nothing separates us from His love.

When God shows up the devil has to go, but we have to let Him, let’s submit to God’s authority no matter who is in authority or what the circumstances of our lives, budgets and the family problems and strife. We choose to receive the peace Jesus left us, God sent Him and He sent us the Spirit. We choose peace, it is a choice, you know.

Whether or not we have peaceful New Year, is not up to politicians or ministers or anyone, not up to circumstances or situations, it is up to us as believers in Jesus to receive His peace.

Oliana Gruzdeva / Pixabay

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