A Peaceful Christmas

I once wrote my mother a little book about Christmas in heaven, not one of those sad things but just what I thought it would be like. It was a small pink, blank book and I just started to fill it up, and there it was, I believe the Spirit gives us glimpses and even some we may be unaware of as we sleep, perhaps it is so deep in the soul we have yet to reach in and draw it out. Love’s pure light.

The Prince of Peace was born and we celebrate Christmas, what if He returned at Christmas? If you are reading this and lots of people are missing, well He has come. Never give in to taking a mark and believing a false Christ, you would lose your soul.

But Jesus came to save souls. To save us all from satan’s power when we had gone astray. That is tidings of comfort and joy. So what about heaven at Christmas? Without going to the little pink book, I can say there will be lights, candles and smells. Wonderful smells, cinnamons and spices. Fragrant roses, and gardenias, all sorts of flowers, tropical ones, I like anthurium. And fruit, baskets of fruit gathered by the angels.

Glorious tables, place settings with names, marvelous food and bread. A feast,  even a Marriage Supper. There will be doves gliding through blue skies, and peace, perfect peace, when the Prince of Peace enters to start the ceremonies. There will be heavenly choirs on golden stairs and way above in the clouds, a concert like never before, with myriads of singers.

There will be trees decorated by children from all nations and with fruit, pinecones and homemade ornaments, some will have pictures in frames made by families and some will rotate with colorful ribbons. Some will be covered in dolls or toys, angel wings or cherub faces. Each one different.

Purple ones and pink, blue and gold, silver and with starlight. Eyes will gleam with delight at the cookies and cakes and Jesus gives out gifts. Pups and kitties, even canaries. And goldfish. Rings, bracelets, earrings, books and robes. Perhaps, even shoes. There will be Christmas songs and everyone can rock around the Christmas trees or enjoy a sleigh ride. They can dress in their finest Victorian attire and go caroling. everyone may even enjoy fruitcake. And we might even get a figgy pudding. Even the little boxes of mints we all usually get. No ugly sweaters. Heaven’s fruitcake, I might even eat as opposed to those brick like ones I used to have to try to sell when I was in school.

No doubt there will be caramel and candy canes and chocolate covered  almonds and cherries, apples. Little girls will enjoy dollhouses and boys skate on golden streets, even the babies in the heavenly nursery will enjoy their Christmas presents, new blankets, cool milk and honey bottles. ( It is not good for them now and never  to be heated. )

One thing there will never be in heaven is a Scrooge, a Grinch or a krampus and we can rejoice at the loss of canes and crutches. No wheelchairs, no oxygen tanks or diabetic meters to wear. No one will tell you not to eat a second piece of pie or even a first. A glorious Lord has caught us up in a glorious body, and there is nothing missing or broken in the presence of the beloved Prince of Peace, His shalom is perfection, wholeness and soundness.

There will be no Tiny Tim’s as we know them, but plenty who will say God bless us each and everyone, and Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight. God bless my readers this Christmas and always and as He left you, I leave you His peace.

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