He, Himself, Our Peace.

We are talking about peace, His peace, our peace, this month. One of my favorite verses is from Ephesians, 2:14, it says, He, Himself, is our peace. And it is just a few verses down from how we are His masterpieces. I would think it takes peace and patience to paint or sculpt a masterpiece. The same verse also talks about tearing down a wall, that is between Jews and Gentiles, but can also be the barriers between men and women and even denominations. Remember, He looks at hearts.

So often verses are repeated from Old Testament to New and this is one of them. We see this repeated from Micah 5:5. He will be our peace. Notice the difference, the first is still declarative of God giving His  peace, but it is prophetic as Jesus is about to be born.

What I love about the verses, is that is that they are not only beautiful, they are, but after His crucifixion, the Spirit had come and now this verse is one of those that doubles the promise of God, like when Jesus says  ” Verily, verily. ” It can translate truly, truly or indicate a timeless truth, it is meant to be emphatic. As we read we don’t always get that emphasis. I always pray for the Spirit to read with me, I need to see it through His eyes.

When Jesus doubles something it is important and unmistakable. There are double portions and handfuls on purpose, Jesus is our redeemer and does the same. He even doubles woes, I would not want that. But we want to get the message of His being our peace across.

We see Micah 5:5, morphing, if you will, into Ephesians 2:14. And I believe it is that peace that both heals us and makes us His masterpiece. So in order to emphasize that let’s look at story we all know, it is full of doubles. Jesus is touched by a woman with an issue of blood, a condition she had had for twelve years.  The phrase is that she touched the  hem of His garment, possibly the talit or prayer shawl. Doctors could do nothing for her, but she had said and believed He would heal her.

Now, this woman would have died without that touch. She was afraid but faced Him and what does Jesus say? He tells her to go in peace, her faith has made her whole. Then there is Jairus a ruler of the Jews and his daughter is dying, she is twelve. It would have been his place as her father to wrap her in his prayer shawl and pray, he too, believed Jesus could heal her. He went to get Jesus, but as the woman was healed, the servant had followed saying not to trouble the Master, she was dead.

That did not stop Jesus, though her father was beginning to be afraid He asked Jesus to help, He told him not to be afraid but to believe. And He raised the daughter, and personally, I think it possible she had a blood disorder but there is no way of know that. The dunamis or healing virtue was gone out Him but the Spirit refilled Him quickly and the girl lived.

But you see the doubles, the prayer shawls, the twelve years, the healing and really raising both from the dead, the touches and even the fact there was a little fear coming over them, but their faith in Jesus overcame it. The disciples questioned who touched Him, they may not have helped, nor the servants but Jesus with double portions did.

Now, look at Isaiah 53, it describes His beating and death, the doubling of how His stripes or wounds is for healing in this verse. And He, Himself, is used often.

He, Himself, bore our sins in His body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By His wounds you have been healed. 1 Peter 2:24

Isaiah looked ahead and Peter looked back, Jesus has already paid the price for salvation which includes healing and peace. And we see how He doubles His promise. He, Himself, I think we should all get to know our beloved Prince of Peace better, and enjoy Christmas Peace.

Rebecca Jones   jerycho 1960 / pixabay

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