Perfect Christmas Peace

How could we study peace without this wonderful verse?

He will keep us in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him. Isaiah 26:3.

I know most of us will not even think we can keep our minds stayed on Him, or fixed, focused, but we can. Jesus says that we can. He wants us to be one with Him like He was one with the Father. That means you make decisions together, you can talk to Him, not just pray.

Sometimes, I have felt like there was absolutely no one to agree with me on a prayer, but He did. This is one of my favorite verses and it is a peaceful one. If you read the beautiful Psalm 139, you will see how well God knows us, so Jesus knows us and so much more so will we know Him if He is Lord of our lives. And the Spirit knows us, the deep and intimate parts of our very hearts and soul.

How does He know? He searches the depths of God’s heart and thoughts, and ours and the more we seek Him, we will find Him, the more our thoughts and wills gravitate to Him, the more peace we will have, the more our minds are stayed, focused of fixed. We have His peace, knowing  He is always there for us.

It may not be that nothing will ever happen, because it will, but we will have His peace, because He has spoken in into our hearts and so have we. We have meditated on it, renewed our hearts and minds and ever refreshed ourselves in His love because we have sought Him and rested in Him.

The gift of salvation is more than a one time occurrence. He saves me everyday, all day and from so many things. He has been hiding me from the anger and hostility that has tried to come against me and even kept my righteous anger in check. He decides, I don’t have to explain everything, some people will just not listen or hear the Spirit. I choose to keep my peace, and I thought that was just a cliche’ at weddings, but I hold it and holds me, because Jesus does.  He, Himself, is my peace. Ephesians 2 :14.

Great peace have they that love you and nothing can make them stumble. Psalm 119:162 Isn’t that great? I used to think that I was getting a lot of flack, and I was at times more than others, but I have not stumbled, or gotten of the path of peace that He guides us in. Luke 1:77-79.

Oh, that you had paid attention to my commandments! Then your peace would have been like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea. Isaiah 48:18

I wish I had listened more, even though I did, I let people and circumstances hinder my peace. Worry and fear will. While we are reading the word commandments, it is not just the Ten Commandments necessarily, that He is referring to. God did give specific instructions as well, and one the refused was rest.

How great should our peace be, when have Jesus and are now under His grace and truth, He offers rest, gives the gift of His peace, and our new commandment is love one another, and God. You won’t be breaking the others if you do that. And I want to love you enough to tell you that His peace is palatable, you can taste it, and see God’s goodness. Psalm 34:8 I wouldn’t want to deny you that knowledge, am not lying or stealing your joy by not helping you understand peace.

It also goes hand in hand with healing and rest. So imagine that peaceful river running through you heart and soul, the living and refreshing waters of the Spirit. Or perhaps the peaceful waves of the ocean as the tide rolls in under a starlit night as you stroll along the beach. Jesus walked on that water and He still is and He is still speaking peace. ” Peace, be still. ”

I hope your mind is at peace, do all you can to keep it that way and He will too. May you have perfect Christmas peace.

I believe this was a public domain picture.

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