The Feet Of His Peace

What woman doesn’t want a new pair of shoes? I just ordered a pair, myself. What a good gift we can give ourselves for Christmas. But I will give you a better one, the feet that go in them. And the verse and it up to you to receive it and His gift of peace from John 14:27.

Beautiful feet carry the gospel of peace. Romans 10:15

Oh, yes, it is in there, you can read it in any translation but it is the same principle, as believers we should have beautiful feet simply because we are carrying His gospel, speaking it, praying it, sharing it and believing it, whether you are a minister or not. Preschool moms with sneakers can have beautiful feet, ladies in cowgirl boots or high heels can have beautiful feet.

Oh, I know we have those rough heels, and ouch, ingrown toenails, I have had swollen and sore feet, I even broke a toe and it looked like a a zebra for about a week, then a rainbow of colors. I even had athlete’s foot when I was younger, how I got that I do not know, I wasn’t exactly athletic, evening doing aerobics and a stationary bike. The other day I dropped a can on it when I was fixing dinner, I think I had on socks, new bruise.

A lot of people do take their feet for granted, or are embarrassed by them. I have known people who would not wear sandals or get a pedicure. And I would guess they didn’t know this verse. Jesus walked a lot in His day. There is nothing wrong with an after dinner walk, a walk in the park, on the beach, but I am glad I don’t have to walk everywhere. And the only way I could ever walk on water would be with Him. I can’t swim.

Seriously though, the Bible has a lot to say about our walk with God, and a whole lot about peace, our subject for the month of December, Christmas Peace. As Jesus is our beloved Prince of Peace, why shouldn’t He want us to have His peace? He died for us to have salvation and if we have believed in Him as Lord, we should be aware that by the Holy Spirit, He will allow us to rest and give us His peace.

It doesn’t matter what is going on, we may start to worry or to wander off into fear, the what if’s, how comes, what next? But we can rest assured He has our best interest at heart and just begin to worship Him, Jesus, He , Himself our peace. Ephesians 2:14, and watch our hearts and minds settle down, calm down, become peaceful instead of troubled and weary.

I hope you get a pair of shoes, peaceful and beautiful feet, and  new way to walk this Christmas. Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, it was a lowly action, usually done by a servant. It was the custom for the host to offer a pan  of water and towel to a guest, as they wore sandals and it was dusty.

Abraham offers it the angels of the Lord, one of whom is Jesus, in a pre-incarnate appearance, and Peter objected to letting the Lord wash his feet but when Jesus said He would not have any part of Him, he quickly changed His mind. It is to remove the dust off the feet carrying the gospel, making them beautiful and clean. Dust is where the serpent crawled after being cursed, it is like removing the dry and dead skin, and just what you pick up being barefoot.

Jesus told the disciples to speak peace to houses, and if they did not receive them to shake the dust from their feet and move on, it is a spiritual concept, and I hope you get the imagery. Let’s speak peace to our houses, the temples of the Spirit, our body and the body of Christ, as a whole in order to receive that nothing missing or broken, shalom. His peace, and our beautiful feet will carry a more beautiful gospel and the good news that peace is on earth, now in His Spirit, as He was when He came to die. We will have the feet of His peace, Christmas Peace and always, His peace.

photo Terjo Sollie

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