Peace, Be Still!

Peace! Be Still! Jesus not only spoke to the storm but commanded it, this is a most familiar story, the disciples were also frightened by Him walking on water at three in the morning, in that one Peter’s focus was on the storm and not Jesus. This story, however differs, because Jesus is with them and He is asleep. Yet, their focus is still on the storm.

I can picture Jesus, tired from His ministry and being awakened to, ” Don’t you care if we sink? “More or less, He wasn’t angry but questioned their short lived faith, they had seen Him about the Father’s business and He wanted them to be, just as He wants us to be, not as disciples but friends, sons and daughters. But they were saying, ” Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him? ”

So, Jesus goes up and to the bow and commands not only the storm but the demon to be still. He speaks His peace ahead of them, just as He does, because a lot of people do not realize that there is a backstory here. They are crossing to Decapolis, a place with ten wicked cities, and He is about to deliver a mad man among the tombs.

The storm was not merely a storm but a demon or principality, that did not want Him to come. Jesus wanted the disciples to realize that they as a believers have His authority, and we, even more so, because He was crucified  and went to hell to retrieve Adam’s authority, the keys of death, hell, and the grave. If you recall Jesus was offered all that the devil had, his kingdom if he would worship him. Jesus said no to the devil, who is a liar and would not have given it anyway. I have been told he offered Him something he did not have, but he did have it because Adam sinned. Jesus wouldn’t bow to him and neither should we, if we can’t speak to our storms, literal or spiritual, we can as believers, but at least, ask Him to.

The story of the man in the tombs is one of someone with no peace, insane and out of control, he had been captured and chained and that could not even hold him. And he lives in the past, among the dead and not the living, The demon, legion, as many as six thousand, recognizes Jesus and you know the story and the man is again clothed and in his right mind, to the amazement of others.

An exceptionally troubled man may have had even more spirits attacking him as Jesus approached, I like to think that Jesus heard the man’s heart crying out for help. God sees hearts. We don’t always know what is going on with a person, why the Holy Spirit has to guide you in praying for others. I have prayed for lots of people, and I have seen those who refused to see the love of Jesus and change their ways, they will be hostile to you. But this story has a wonderful ending and it was likely that  many people were healed and delivered, Jesus wins again, as He always will.

Yet, the storms that come in the natural are real and the spiritual attacks, the more you grow in grace and believer and even the more you learn and love Jesus, so speak His peace to it, our peace to it, He gave us that gift in John 14:27. Jesus spoke Hebrew and Aramaic, He would have said in Aramaic, ” Shela zegar. ” More like  peace, be still and let go, kind of Psalm 46:10, you know He has to tell the devil to let go of a person just like the madman.

You know you can learn a lot from Jesus, through the Spirit, if you can hold your peace, His peace, and speak it when you need to and be silent when you need to, you have to learn to discern. Whatever is blowing our way, whether the hurricanes or problems, demonic activity, I agree with Jesus, ” Peace, let go, be still. ” And sometimes He calms the storm and sometimes the child as they rage around them.

And a wonderful side note on this, they were on the lake Gennesaret, which is harp shaped, in Hebrew kinneret. Isn’t that something? If you read the Bible in peace and with the Spirit, you get lots of deeper meaning and word pictures and studies, the Jewish teaching is called Pardes, peshat is on the surface, remez, which is a hint, derash, which is to search, and sod which is secret, as when He tells Hazeleponi, Manoah’s wife, that His name is Secret, which is also Wonderful, one of His prophetic names from Isaiah 56:9

So, on a harp shaped lake Jesus tells the storm off to let go, to be still and it is comparable to Psalm 46:10, how we are to let go  and while we are still we learn who is in control and receive His peace.

  • Hazeleponi is not in the Bible but a traditional name.
  • The Jewish learning or study of the word PARDES is from the first letter of each word, peshat, remez, derash and sod.
  • Geralt / Pixabay
  • You rule the raging sea; when its waves mount up, You still them. Psalm 89:9

    He calmed the storm to a whisper, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Psalm 107:29

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