Christmas Peace

I had no idea what to start writing for December, but as I was resting as I have learned to do, it came to me to write about Christmas Peace, that really is what it is all about, there was not a lot of peace on the earth from the fall of creation to His birth. I am sure there were times and intervals when the conflicts were at a lull but there were always wars and internal spiritual struggles.

People were idol worshipers and pagans, there were a few who served the one true God, He took a lot of blame for what happened because He knew that people would follow the enemy, and give way to doctrines of devils. Jesus even said as it was in the days of Noah, that it would be the same as His return was near.

We see it today, so much anger, bitterness and strife, even among families and some believers. He had dealt with me for more than two years very strongly about His peace from John 14:27.  I admit it has been a struggle to at times, but that is not His will, He wants us to be still. Psalm 46: 10, if we are striving, we are not resting in His love and not receiving the gift He has so graciously given us, His peace.

So we will look at a lot of the aspects of peace this month and I hope I can share with you the revelation of peace as it comes about in the Word. Imagine the peace of Eden, and then the chaos that ensued. People became heathen and barbaric, and there was only one possibility to redeem them.

Because God gave everyone a free will, He knew what Adam and Eve would do. I like to think He would have forgiven them, they were too afraid to ask. That is when fear enter the world, worry, panic, terror and even death. Now, I know God makes the final decisions but we studied how Jesus tasted death for us, He took the power from the enemy. So no wonder, He, Himself, is our peace. Ephesians 2:14

And we know how that He, Himself, is our healer from Isaiah 53. So there is a lot to study abo peace, how it came, how it is a gift, how to receive it in the midst of storms. There are lots of verses, and I hope you will find time as many people are at home to study them or journal them, even come back to our study or share it, as it is an important gift.

It is a gift given by God in the form of Jesus, a gift Jesus left as He sent His Spirit, and I hope it is a gift I can share with you that you receive and share with others, so here is our foundational verse.

I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid. John 14:27 New Living

I cannot over emphasize how that has resonated in my spirit by the Holy Spirit, I would literally wake to His peace, even going through trials and overcoming health issues, I found as I studied and did not try to replay the day or think about tomorrow, even anticipate people’s responses, which I am good at as a writer, or even look back which Jesus also warned about, that I had a lot more peace.

I had entered the rest of faith that Hebrews talks about, know He is there to take care of it, and has overcome so I will. Believe me God is still taking a lot of blame and He sent us the very Prince of Peace, so let’s look to Him for Christmas Peace, He is what Christmas is all about.

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