A Taste Of Thanksgiving

Even as we study our verse to taste and see the Lord’s goodness from our foundational Scripture, we can have a taste of thanksgiving any day, as giving thanks is actually a sort of communion with Him, it is not just a holiday celebrating the pilgrims and Indians, and a feast.

The settlers had that feast out of thanks, having survived harsh winters and enduring difficulties upon seeking religious freedom, that fight is ongoing in many ways still. We give thanks at meals or at least we should say grace, I did just now as I am writing this post, having enjoyed a wonderful Sunday dinner.

You see, the word thanksgiving, is eucharisto, communion. And yes, it can be the kind, breaking the bread and having wine or  grape juice, you can do that at home, keeping a repentant heart, and being a believer. And it is also the kind of just being with the Lord, that comes from stillness and prayer.

He should always be a guest in our homes as He is in our hearts, and thanksgiving is a continual, ongoing part of salvation just as prayer is. I don’t think Jesus minds if is paper plates of fine china as long as He is welcomed and appreciated as Lord. We can have a touch of thanksgiving anytime, and taste His goodness year round.

It will not hurt anyone to put down the phone and enjoy a family dinner, at least once a week. for a long time we had a regular Friday night at a restaurant, even with friends. I had lunches after the Bible studies I taught on Thursday mornings. It is all fellowship and getting together, and where two or three are gathered in His name, He is there.

There will always be some who just come to eat, for a free meal and whatever is being given out, but they just might also get fed or feast on His Word, at the least, a seed is sown. The harvest depends on the soul, ae you going to let it take root and grow or allow the enemy to steal the words of Christ from you?

It doesn’t have to be an elegant table though that is nice and a good ideas for couples to have intimacy with each other and the Lord. It is good as well for children to learn manners and respect, how to dine out. I have seen people leave their dinner and even coats with rowdy children in tow.

Our lives have become too fast pace and perhaps a bit of sloth creeps in. No, I don’t expect you to iron tablecloths and polish the silver, but we should remember to make lasting memories while there is time, to enjoy family and friends, communion and thanksgiving, a prayer of grace is all part of that.

Surely, we can taste and see His goodness, and add a touch of thanksgiving to any day, even coffee with a friend, and the Lord will be glad to join you.

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