Taste Testers

“Do you not yet realize that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and then is eliminated? Matthew 5:17

We read how the ear tests words, For the ear tests words as the mouth tastes food. Job 34:3, Oh, I wish I had known this verse back then, still, we grow in grace and learn. People will always have suggestions for you not only on your life but health, really, everything. I tell you to read and study for yourself and let the Spirit lead you.

Back in the day people used to drive me crazy about food and vitamins, drinking eight or more glasses of water, I met a woman who thought not eating meat made her holy. People who really could not afford ” whole ” or organic foods were buying them and still not getting ahead spiritually.

This can get you over into the realm of worshiping the creation more than the Creator. God allowed for people to eat meat, Jesus was fed beef and bread by Sarah, He would have had the Passover Lamb as well, before giving His life as God’s own lamb.

I can tell you I was worried that I was surely doing something wrong for a long time but I found a verse that settled it. Along with Peter’s vision which refers to not calling clean unclean, and to the Gentiles He was saving and giving His Spirit to, there is this.

“Are you still so dull?” He asked. “Do you not understand? Nothing that enters a man from the outside can defile him,  because it does not enter his heart, but it goes into the stomach and then is eliminated.” (Thus all foods are clean.)  He continued: “What comes out of a man, that is what defiles him.…Mark 7:18, 19, 20

Many people are still trying to live under the law instead of grace. And many grace people are trampling on it by using it as a way to continue life as a willing sinner, this would make one question their salvation because believers do not want to sin or disgrace the Lord, however, it is He who judges we can only judge righteously, He knows hearts.

Food does not enter the heart, but words can and they have an effect, that is why Jesus ends that discussion with it is what comes out of a man that defiles him meaning his mouth, for food is digested. The Jews, of course did not eat pork, and many today won’t, but I can tell you Jesus is not paying attention to that ham sandwich and chips you ate but to what you are saying and doing, does it give His Father glory?

The Jews were so steeped in the law, that even the tongues at Pentecost were of cloven fire. Why? The would not have tasted it otherwise. Jesus did not destroy the law per se, but He fulfilled it and we are no longer under it, but grace. He was radical in His time. He freed women in many ways. He healed on the Sabbath, and really, under the law, He should not have touched the dead or unclean, but He fulfilled the laws, He was the only one who could keep them without sin. So yes, He was not affected when an unclean woman touched Him and He was willing to heal a leper.

So is He concerned about our food? Not as much as we are. He makes the unclean, clean and raises the dead, so He is the bread we need. He blesses it and multiplies it and one day will make everything new again, and if we don’t eat meat in heaven, we still enjoy it, but for now, let’s watch what comes out or mouths more than what goes in.

Although, it is good to eat healthy, it is not going to save you, just like going to church doesn’t. It is a belief in the sacrifice of Jesus and loving Him as Lord, when you invite Him into your heart. And how do you do that? Through your mouth. Romans 10:9,10

Rebecca Jones  Nimka93 / Pixabay

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