Tasting The Good

Our foundational verse this month is Psalm 34:8, we are talking about  how to taste and see that the Lord is good, as we celebrate Thanksgiving and soon Christmas. While our tables may be full, we want our hearts to be as well, in thanks for His many blessings.

We have talked about tasting and testing words, sweet ones and bitter. And we have also talked about seeing His goodness in our lives. That might be difficult, at time but we can do it, by remembering what He has brought us through and out of, and that He can will again, even if we don’t see how He is working.

Rest assured, He has your best interest at heart. Even if with losses, He is your comfort. He is acquainted with grief, a man of sorrows, Isaiah 53, Jesus is full of mercy and compassion, and He does answer prayers, why we must taste His words and remain in His love.

I know that if something is wrong, it is so easy to focus on the problem. That is why we must keep that word sown in our hearts and remain good ground, we have an enemy who would steal it and leave us wondering why He didn’t care.

Whatever happens, there is always something worse that could have. Sometimes that may be the only thing you can think of, it is seeing His goodness. God is good all the time, it is His creation that has gone astray.

I realize that many people are dealing with loss, Covid, quarantine, home schooling and many things, but I hope we can look past that and see His goodness. I believe we could be so close to His return as the world has become weary from the ravages of time and the ages. We live in a time such as this, Esthers who will rise and stand against our enemy and adversary, knowing that God prevails, hope prevails and love prevails. Jesus wins hands down.

I usually tell people to read the book of John about the love of Jesus, many people gravitate to Revelation with no knowledge of it’s meaning, but this time it is okay to read the happy ending. Just be sure you are on His side, and He will be on yours.

Let’s keep tasting the good in times of trouble. I have sown healing verses in my heart, it is why I think it is still beating with as much as I have overcome in the past few years. I have learned to rest, and let Him be God. Too often I have picked up the prayers I have prayed and tried to fix my problems, just leave them alone, he know what He is doing even if we don’t. He has the answers, some we may not be ready to receive, I have had that happen, and be sure to yes and amen His promises, many people thinks He says no, I think if He does, he has something better, perhaps no is wait. And sometimes it is the others we praye for that do not receive what He would give, some are just tired and He is merciful, He does not control people, but He is in control of our problems and trials would defeat us, we never win in our own power, but we victory in Jesus, who said, ” Why call me good? ” He said God was, and He sent Him for us.

So, even if we have to taste our words and look a bit harder to see His goodness, let’s do it and remember to share the bounty of His goodness, this season. I am blessed to taste His words those I believe and share and write, an no, not everyone listens to me, and I get tired and angry, but I don’t let it rule my heart when He does. And I have tasted the goodness of His healing, He has saved me from quite a lot, including almost not being born.

Jeremiah said He has good plans, I know that, and I taste and see His goodness everyday. How do you do it? Think about it? He loves you and I want you to know that as deeply as possible, taste and see that He is good and be blessed.

This picture is a wedding cake and He is waiting to celebrate the marriage supper with us. Because God has the strength of a father and the love of a mother, He created both men and women, and that is His definition of marriage. As the church we are a figurative bride, and we will taste and see all the goodness of God.

Rebecca Jones   Alexandra Gornago / Unsplash

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